High Season Antarctic Cruises 2022

Deciding when you wish to travel is an important consideration as there are amazing, distinct highlights each month. High season is from December to February; temperatures are at their mildest and wildlife at its most abundant. During long days of daylight in December, you can expect to see penguin chicks hatching and humpbacks arriving from their time in the tropics. Encouraged by the 'warm' Antarctic weather at the height of the summer, penguin chicks acquaint themselves with their new home throughout January, while seal pup colonies are equally busy with activity. The continuing melt of the sea ice opens up the greatest access along the Peninsula in February, with wonderful opportunities to see whales as you venture far into the region.

Shoulder Season Antarctic Cruises 2022

Welcome in the arrival of the summer in November, experiencing the most snowy and icy landscapes of the season. You'll have the privilege and joy of watching male penguins impress their female interests and see how elephant and fur seals mark their breeding spots. Getting ashore on South Georgia is also still possible this early in the season, as prime mating time hasn't begun. March presents opportunities for great encounters with satiated whales who, now less focussed on hunting, are inquisitive and calm with visitors. Grown penguin chicks are in full moulting mode, large colonies of fur seals are playing on the Antarctic Peninsula, and returning home with a collection of mesmerising sunset and night sky photographs is very likely.

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