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Life before Swoop

Armed with little more than a largely useless archaeology degree and a passion for travel, I began working in travel around 2003. I've been to more than sixty countries and all seven of the continents but still count myself as pretty under travelled, with a growing (rather than shrinking) Bucket List of places still to visit!

My life at home is dominated by chasing after my three kids and trying to instil in them a strong sense of wanderlust, alongside the finer points of cricket and the joys of hot food.

My polar experience

I first headed south in 2005 with only 36 fellow passengers onboard on the redoubtable 'Professor Molchanov' and I returned with a confirmed case of 'polar fever'. Further forays into the polar regions have included chasing the Northern Lights and following musk oxen in Greenland and dog sledding across Spitsbergen in early March. In spite of over 15 years association with the polar regions, they continue to be places which enthrall me; kayaking beside a sleeping humpback whale and watching orcas on the hunt being two incredible memories from my most recent trip to Antarctica.

Day to day at Swoop

I oversee our expanding polar programme which involves work in sales, operations, product development and strategy for both Antarctica and the Arctic.

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Why I love polar travel


Kayaking and zodiac cruising are without doubt my favourite Antarctic activities - the former for the sense of silence and travelling at a slower pace which allows you to appreciate the macro detail, while getting up close to wildlife. The latter for the sheer joy of zooming around exploring the world's most pristine wilderness.

The iceberg graveyard at Pleneau Bay, a place I've been lucky enough to get to twice, is currently my favourite place in Antarctica. Under any light conditions and in all weathers the icebergs, in every shape and size, are a bewildering beautiful ice maze.

Travel tips from my blog

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My photos

Take a look at all my photos from my polar adventures.

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