Team Swoop

In the complex and competitive market of Antarctic travel, Swoop Antarctica has risen to become one the top global agents thanks to our commitment to the destination and delivery of unparalleled value and expertise to our customers. We love Antarctica and we love helping others experience the White Continent.

How We Can Help You

We understand the importance of this long anticipated trip and how crucial it is to get it just right. We'll guide you throughout your Antarctic journey - from making the right choices when booking, to packing the correct clothing and equipment - offering sound, impartial advice and support at every stage.

  1. Find your perfect expedition

    We work with all the Antarctic expedition operators, offering 25 different vessels and over 80 Antarctic voyages and land-based expeditions.

  2. Help you decide when to take your trip of a lifetime

    We can help you decide which month will suit you best and advise when to start planning ahead for the best choice of cabins and voyages.

  3. Arrange your pre and post-Antarctic travel

    Our Patagonia experts would love to help you discover Patagonia before or after your Antarctic expedition. We'd also be pleased to help advise you on flights.

The Team



Alex is our Head of Antarctica, he returned from his first trip to the 7th continent sixteen years ago firmly bitten by 'polar fever' and obsessed with icebergs. Since then, in …

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Loli set foot on The White Continent for the first time during the 2005/6 Antarctic season. Since then, she's returned to Antarctica more than 130 times over 11 years. Loli loves …

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Molly has crossed the Antarctic Circle and camped on the Antarctic continent. An avid traveller, she has spent over a decade exploring on five continents. Molly has extensive …

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Lizzie at Swoop wth Antarctica backdrop


Lizzie is happiest in her thermals and waterproofs, heading out onto the ice. With over a decade of experience working in the expedition travel industry, there is nothing she likes…

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David dreamt of visiting Antarctica as a child​. His chance came in 2012 and since then he's clocked up 20 Antarctic trips. His Antarctic knowledge is encyclopedic and his …

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Claire did not think that any spot could offer more raw, wild beauty than Patagonia until she set foot on the White Continent. She was instantly enamoured with Antarctica and is …

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Cassia’s extensive polar experience stretches over a decade. She’s one of the lucky few to have visited Antarctica’s historic heart, the Ross Sea, as well as South Georgia, …

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Ben has made several polar expeditions and has been onboard most of the vessels that sail to Antarctica. He loves nothing more than talking to anyone who will listen about all …

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Charlie is a fan of anything adventurous away from the madding crowd! Having been in the travel industry for over 15 years, she is experienced as well as passionate about finding …

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Iain loves all things wild, icy and dramatic. He first ventured to Antarctica in 2018 where he hiked on the Continent, cruised through the Lemaire Channel, landed at Deception …

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As part of Swoop's booking team, Aimee has the perfect job combining her love of travel with helping others achieve their dream holidays. Having been lucky enough to travel to …

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A full time polar bookings coordinator and a part time explorer, Emma will happily get muddy boots and climb mountains for the best views! An enthusiast of all things wild and …

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Having lived in the US, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the UK – and travelled to over 40 countries – Venus considers herself a citizen of the world. She loves meeting new people and …

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What our customers think

Customer Image

You are the best! We felt well looked after. Keep up the good work. Read the full review

Lesley Tosh United Kingdom January 2020

Customer Image

Swoop, you did a fabulous job of getting us prepared before we went, and even before that guiding us on which of the expeditions met what we wanted to achieve. I have never found that before in all of my (long!) life of travels. Even your guidance on which cabin to book, was outstanding. Read the full review

Sue Quelch United Kingdom October 2019

Customer Image

Every step of the way Swoop made for the perfect booking agent. I had all the right equipment and then some. Swoop answered all my questions with quick turn around every time. Thank you.

Catherine United States March 2019

Customer Image

Flawless service from everyone at Swoop Antarctica! Great communication with the team throughout the planning stages. Our itinerary was spelt out in detail, and all accommodations were exactly as promised. Special thanks to Alex on his recommendations on our cabin. No one handles an Antarctica expedition like Swoop Antarctica.

Chris & Amy Florida December 2017

Customer Image

Swoop's service prior to the voyage was excellent, you answered my queries promptly, nothing was too much trouble and I felt well taken care of.

Val UK December 2017

Customer Image

Book through people who have been there repeatedly; Swoop was an excellent choice. Read the full review

Marc Renzema United States Of America November 2017

Customer Image

The people at Swoop were amazing. From the initial recommendations to the very detailed pre-cruise information, we always felt comfortable knowing that they would be there to answer any concerns.

Joey & Sheri Washington November 2017

Customer Image

We want to thank Alex and his Swoop family very much for the extreme service they provided us. Thank you very much!

Erik The Netherlands December 2015

Swoop made the process really easy from start to finish with accurate and helpful info. on activities, costs, etc. It was nice to receive a full itinerary prior to leaving home, which included all of our flight info., hotels, tour details, recommendations on taxis in the various cities, etc. Well done! Read the full review

George Parson Australia February 2020

Just leave it to the experts at Swoop to organise. So simple and worry free. Read the full review

Janette Harrison Australia February 2020

I am and will be singing the praises of this memorable cruise forever! Thank you, Swoop! Read the full review

Kara Knox United States Of America February 2020

From the very beginning, Swoop was with us. They educated us about the perfect trip, the perfect boat, what to sign up for, the clothing to bring, hotels to stay at, restaurants to go to in Ushuaia. When our ship had an issue and there was a one day delay, Swoop literally "swooped in" and had their expert on Ushuaia contact us and give us recommendations. They became like "family"...we adore Ange and Alex and the entire team!!! Read the full review

Marina Angleton United States Of America January 2020

The booking process went very smoothly and you were always there for us when we had questions or were unsure of some details of the trip. Read the full review

Ellen United States Of America January 2020

Well organized and very professional. Very nice people to work with. Read the full review

John Cox United States Of America January 2020

You guys were great, thank you very much for everything! Read the full review

Mukund Shenoy United States Of America December 2019

The team was super professional, friendly, responsive, awesome. Thumbs up for making our trip as enjoyable as it was. Read the full review

Günter & Sabine Austria December 2019

It was an amazing experience from beginning to end. From the booking process to the moment I came back home it was all easy and well organized. Read the full review

Sonia Pazos de Diego Netherlands October 2019

Booking with Swoop was the best decision I made about the trip. Swoop's services were some of the best we have experienced. Always responsive to any questions I had and very timely. Their recommendations were spot on. Read the full review

Charles Loflin United States Of America March 2019

I was really impressed with Swoop and so grateful for the helpful information, advice, support and assistance with all our travel and bookings. The staff were fantastic - so helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. It made for a trouble free, well organized and wondeful trip of a lifetime. Read the full review

Catherine Samuels Australia March 2019

Swoop did a terrific job helping us plan and select our expedition. Read the full review

Elaine Green United States Of America December 2018

We are satisfied with Swoop's service and would recommend you guys to other travellers. You have been very helpful with your website and emails. Thank you! Read the full review

Patrick & Yu Huang Taiwan November 2018

I went as one person and came back another: seeing the land of wonder, and enjoyed Swoop's service which was not done as an agent but more like my own family.

Peace California January 2016

Antarctica was the most amazing experience of my life. And Swoop were great! Always available to answer questions, provide guidance, whatever I needed.

Leslie USA December 2015

5 reasons to choose Swoop

1. We know Antarctica

We have over 15 year's experience in Antarctica. As Antarctic specialists, we're lucky enough to visit every year, so we know the strengths and weaknesses of every vessel and the ins and outs of every voyage. 

What this means for you:

We'll save you time by guiding you through the maze of options as well as giving you our first-hand recommendations for where to go, when to travel and how to get there. We can also help advise and arrange pre- and/or post-South America extensions to your voyage, and with flights.


2. We offer you incredible choice


We work directly with all of the Antarctic small ship operators, so we can offer you the widest possible choice of options - 25 ships and over 80 voyages. For the more intrepid adventurer, we can arrange Antarctic interior trips and expeditionary sailing trips.

What this means for you:

Whatever kind of adventure you're looking for, we can help. We'll work with you to find your perfect expedition: one that suits your budget and appetite for adventure.

3. We're not biased towards any expedition operator, vessel or voyage


We have no commitment to anyone else but you as our customer. Our objectivity and expertise means you can expect accurate, unbiased and honest advice at every step, and at no cost.

What this means for you:

We'll listen to what you want from your experience and suggest an expedition based on your exact requirements. We don't charge for our advice and you'll pay no more or less than if you booked directly with the operator.

4. We'll keep you informed & safe

When you travel with Swoop, you can expect to receive a lot of advice and support in the run up to and during your trip. 

What this means for you:

We’ll make sure you’re 100% ready and prepared for your big trip, with regular contact from your dedicated trip coordinator. And when travelling, Swoop maintains a 24/7/365 back-up hotline if you need our assistance. Our many years of travel planning experience means we know where to look for solutions when travel gets complicated. We’ll have your back.


5. Committed to protecting Antarctica


We are proud to be an associate of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) and we adhere to their guidelines throughout our work. We only work with ship operators that are part of IAATO, and who abide by regulations that will protect the continent we love.

What this means for you:

Travel safe in the knowledge that your expedition team are helping protect Antarctica, without compromising on your experience. Find out more about Swoop and IAATO.

More about Swoop

Swoop takes people on adventures to the ends of the earth. Patagonia, Antarctica and the Arctic are all remote, wild and awe-inspiring in their own unique way. We have the knowledge, relationships and experience to create a trip worthy of these destinations, that also matches our customers’ dreams, budget and appetite for adventure.

We’re a passionate, dedicated and spirited bunch of specialists who love the outdoors. We care deeply about our destinations and want to protect them for future generations to explore.

About Swoop Antarctica
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Swoop says

The price you pay for booking an expedition with us is no more and no less than if you were to book directly with the operator. We help Antarctic operators to market themselves and their voyages to the international market and when you book with us they will pay us a small commission. 

As Antarctic specialists, we'll save you time by helping you navigate the maze of options and find the perfect expedition. You'll benefit from our free, impartial and expert advice. 

Ready to plan your Antarctic adventure?



We'll spend some time listening to your aspirations, then discuss the kind of experience that might suit you.



Next we'll discuss the options, shortlist the best trips for you and present you our impartial recommendations.



We'll place a 24 hour hold on your preferred option - without obligation - whilst we talk through the details.

With over 50 years of Antarctic experience between us, we can help guide you to exactly the right trip for you.