6 reasons to book a South Georgia adventure

    1. Immerse yourself in the largest king penguin colonies on the planet, home to an almost uncountable number of birds.
    2. Wade ashore on South Georgia's beaches to watch battling bull elephant seals or playful fur seal pups gambolling in the surf.
    3. Retrace the final leg of Shackleton's epic hike across the island to the old whaling station at Stromness.
    4. Gaze in awe at some of the most dramatic and least visited scenery on earth, while albatrosses and petrels wheel above you.
    5. Explore the island's fascinating history, from the dark days of whaling to the modern stewardship that has created an ecosystem in recovery.
    6. Combine South Georgia tours with the Antarctic Peninsula and the Falkland Islands to make one truly epic voyage. 
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    What our customers think of South Georgia Cruises

    South Georgia Cruises trips scored 4.5/5 from 416 reviews

    The immensity of all that was around us every day was spectacular, the individual sightings of things like orcas and beak nosed whales, the wildlife, the blues of the ocean and the icebergs, the friendly and fun staff. It was all part of the memories. Read the full review

    Travelled: January 2024

    Steve Murphy - USA

    It's a trip of a lifetime. Will highly recommend the trip to everyone I know. Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2023

    Jennifer Tse - Canada

    10/10 - The wildlife refuge of South Georgia was the best. Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2023

    Bill Yates - USA

    Book early and, more importantly, one must not skip South Georgia. Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2023

    Chun Wai Wong - Malaysia

    In addition to all the wildlife and beautiful landscapes we experienced, on sea days we were offered great lectures on history, geology and the wildlife; there were citizen science programs that we could participate in and learn even more. Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2023

    Christen Glogowski - USA

    10/10 - The best holiday of my life!! South Georgia was just as impressive as Antarctica and I would not have wanted to skip that. Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2023

    Jessica Spangler - USA

    Most memorable moment? Landing on the 7th Continent! The surreal feeling of like walking side by side with a David Attenborough cameraman filming for the Frozen Continent documentary. Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2023

    Cheng Keat Lee - Malaysia

    10/10 - If you are going to take the time and expense to visit this part of the world, you may as well see it all!! Each place was so uniquely different and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss any of the opportunities and experiences we had. Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2023

    Erica McCoy - USA

    There were two most memorable moments - setting foot on the main continent of Antarctica during sunset and experiencing the sheer size and scope of the wildlife on South Georgia (especially seeing the playful personalities of the gentoo penguins and seal pups). Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2023

    Micah Myerscough - USA

    10/10 - The itinerary was spectacular. I would not have wanted to miss South Georgia Island. Read the full review

    Travelled: November 2023

    Chuck Gallegos - USA

    It was like being in a David Attenborough nature programme. It was amazing. At one point I was leaning over the side of a Zodiac with my camera in my hand & I actually said out loud: 'I don't want to go home'. Read the full review

    Travelled: March 2023

    Cecilia Griffin - UK

    I am delighted I went to Antarctica and South Georgia. Just Antarctica would have been way too short. Read the full review

    Travelled: March 2023

    Tanya Crosbie - Ireland

    10/10 - There are no pictures or words that can accurately describe the variety of wildlife and scenery one would encounter on this trip. Read the full review

    Travelled: February 2023

    Donna Potaczek - USA

    Both South Georgia and the Antarctic rate equally, but meeting the wildlife was incredible. Read the full review

    Travelled: February 2023

    Mike Howie - UK

    Our first landing in South Georgia when the king penguins just walked up and greeted us on the beach. It still makes me grin and tear up to think of it! Read the full review

    Travelled: February 2023

    Elizabeth Holman - USA

    Make the time and find the money to go to South Georgia. It was the best part of the trip. Read the full review

    Travelled: February 2023

    Elizabeth Holman - USA

    Any advice? Go to South Georgia too. Read the full review

    Travelled: January 2023

    Susan Kanner - USA

    South Georgia Island is absolutely a must see if you are traveling that far. I know it is more expensive, but it makes the trip amazing. Read the full review

    Travelled: January 2023

    Steven Goodman - USA

    Go for as long as you can afford. Every day is a treasure to see more things. Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2022

    John Metcalfe - USA

    Most memorable moment? The first day on South Georgia. The abundance of life totally unfazed by humans. Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2022

    James Castleden - Hungary

    What can one say - to see whales, dolphins, seals penguins, gulls, albatrosses etc etc in their natural environments is just magical. To stand on the rear of the ship and watch the giant petrels, albatrosses, prions etc soar for hours without flapping a wing. To see spouts and then look and look for the next and then the whale - well part of them - it has to be seen. Words can not express the feelings, sense and wonder that fills you. Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2022

    John Parker - UK

    Kayaking among dozens of "porpoising" macaroni penguins off the shore of South Georgia Island. It was our first experience with ocean kayaking, and riding the swells in the bright sun with mountains and dramatic clouds all around and the playful penguins entertaining us was a truly magical experience. Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2022

    Michael Cox - USA

    Without doubt, the expedition team made the entire trip special. They were all very professional and knowledgeable, and they did everything possible to give us a rich diverse adventure while also protecting the places and wildlife for others to enjoy. Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2022

    Michael Cox - USA

    10/10 - The destinations and experiences were beyond any we had enjoyed before. This was our first cruise, first time in the south polar region, first time riding zodiacs, first time walking among penguins, seals, and sea birds. The ship's crew and expedition team were amazing; they pampered us, kept us safe, and showed us a new world in all its richness and complexity. Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2022

    Michael Cox - USA

    10/10 - We are so happy that we included South Georgia and the Falklands. The landscape between Antarctica and South Georgia is so different, that I can only highly recommend to anyone considering this once-in-a-lifetime trip to not just focus on the Antarctic Peninsula and to include South Georgia and the Falklands. Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2022

    Dirk Liepold - USA

    It is impossible to reduce the trip to only 'one most memorable moment'. The first sight of the Antarctic Peninsula, watching penguins stumbling over the rocks, hitting some ice at night that shakes the entire ship, South Georgia's sheer endless number of penguins, Grytviken whaling station, the endless cruising along the 80 mile long iceberg A76-a ... Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2022

    Dirk Liepold - USA

    So hard to pick our most memorable moment between that first thrill of wildlife at West Point with the albatross and rockhopper colony, the full day sitting amongst and soaking in all the wildlife at sunny Saunders Bay, or the Adelie penguin overload at Paulet island. Or maybe the excitement at seeing an orca pop up out of nowhere on New Year's Eve. It really is a trip of endless memorable moments that would each be the highlight of any other holiday. Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2022

    Angus Townsend - UK

    We would particularly recommend adding in the Falklands and South Georgia. The Falklands was such a lovely surprise and on top of Stanley and the history there the wildlife was amazing and as good as anything else we saw the whole trip. South Georgia lived up to its reputation for the greatest wildlife, plus its dramatic landscape and history. If you can then it is definitely the best itinerary to follow. Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2022

    Angus Townsend - UK

    I describe this adventure as going to the moon and back. Of course, a trip like this is very weather dependent - but our weather could not have been any more perfect! Our expedition leader, Sarah, was determined to get us off the ship as much as possible. We had 17 landings and 2 cancelled landings, of which one was substituted for a zodiac excursion so we didn't miss the penguin colony. So you ask what was my most memorable moment - every day, every longing, every guide, every lecture was memorable. This was an otherworldly experience. Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2022

    Gerry Garber - USA

    It is a long way to go and a lot of money, but truly worth it in the end. You will have an experience you will remember forever. Read the full review

    Travelled: November 2022

    Jennifer Crews - Canada

    The wildlife was amazing! There is such an abundance and variety of everything on shore and off. Even our at sea days were full of sea birds around the ship and whales close by. We saw thousands of penguins and seals everywhere we went. With the kayaking and zodiac cruises we got perspective of animals from the water as well! Read the full review

    Travelled: November 2022

    Jennifer Crews - Canada

    We discovered why South Georgia is called The Serengeti of the Antarctic! We were surrounded by hundreds of thousands penguins, fur seals, elephant seals to such an extent that it was sometimes too dangerous to make a zodiac landing as the wildlife on shore was too dense. The landscape and the true wilderness of South Georgia is breathtaking. Read the full review

    Travelled: November 2022

    Helena Polackova - UK

    We experienced great albatross colonies and enjoyed seeing at least seven different penguin breeds throughout the journey. Birding and whale watching opportunities on and off the ship were superb. Read the full review

    Travelled: November 2022

    Helena Polackova - UK

    So many once in a life-time moments. I loved the wildlife encounters: tens of thousands of penguins on the beach; interactions of penguins and fur seal pups. Amazing to watch a leopard seal hunt and catch a penguin. Who knew that icebergs could be so amazing and fascinating? Read the full review

    Travelled: February 2022

    Scott Hunter - USA

    We saw seven different penguin species up close and personal. Five different seal species with amazing encounters with the apex predator "leopard seal". Watching a leopard seal hunt and catch a penguin was nature at its rawest and finest. We saw the complete circle of life from fur seal pups to the demise of a poor gentoo penguin. There were times when the water was boiling with fur seal pups frolicking in the waves. Read the full review

    Travelled: February 2022

    Scott Hunter - USA

    One of my aims was to walk with king penguins and to see them in huge crowds. I did this. And to see king penguins on the same ground as sheep was just extraordinary. That moment in the Falklands is indeed memorable. Read the full review

    Travelled: February 2022

    Sue Gatenby - UK

    10+++++! It was just stunning from start to finish. I had been to the Antarctic Peninsula in 2018 so knew about the peace, space, clear air, vastness and the gentoos. Being there again was truly special. Spending 18 days looking out at wonderful wildlife, vast areas of nothing except sea and icebergs, listening to informative lectures and being without TV/internet/phones was bliss. Read the full review

    Travelled: February 2022

    Sue Gatenby - UK

    Having time to stand and watch animal behaviour was special too. We were very fortunate to see all the penguin species (except emperors of course). Seals we saw: leopard, Weddell, crabeater, elephant & bays full of fur seal pups. Whales were often spotted: humpbacks, fin, sei and one minke, I think. Too many bird species to list but getting close to an albatross chick trying to stretch its wings was special and I saw a caracara with a dead penguin in its beak. Yes it lived up to, and exceeded, expectations. Read the full review

    Travelled: February 2022

    Sue Gatenby - UK

    Most memorable moment: the penguin colonies on South Georgia. Each time seeing the massive colonies on South Georgia I was blown away. It was beyond words. Read the full review

    Travelled: February 2022

    Ron Hart - USA

    Most memorable moments: all kayaking, but especially through ice in Antarctica and coming upon a leopard seal on the ice. Stepping on to the Antarctic continent. Abundant wildlife in South Georgia. Stunning scenery Read the full review

    Travelled: February 2022

    Alison Collins - Canada

    Except for seeing the emperor...we saw all the penguins. And the seals...so many. My favorite encounter was having a very curious penguin come up and bite my camera lens. Wow! Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2021

    Gordon Pickering - USA

    South Georgia was the highlight with so much wildlife and the history. The museum in Grytviken and the church were also very interesting. All the penguins, thousands of them at a time, was very overwhelming at times. Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2021

    Gordon Pickering - USA

    The scale and beauty of South Georgia and Antarctica was beyond my expectations. A humpback whale came near the ship to check us out while we were at anchor in Fournier Bay. The whale surfaced, blew, rolled and hung around the ship for quite a while before moving on. The clear water made it easy to see the whale just under the surface. Many good photos and videos were captured! Read the full review

    Travelled: February 2020

    Monica Scott - United States Of America

    The wildlife in South Georgia was amazing! I would recommend everybody who makes the journey to Antartica to make sure that they include South Georgia in their itinerary. Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2019

    Jodie Pigman - United States Of America

    The combination of the Falklands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula was terrific for the scenery and wildlife. It certainly met my expectations. There were lots of magical moments. Every day was full of anticipation and delight. Read the full review

    Travelled: December 2018

    Patricia Schenkkan - United States Of America

    The South Georgia expedition was a superb experience in every way for my group of 17 participants (including myself). South Georgia landscapes and wildlife viewing opportunities are the best of the best in the Southern Ocean! Read the full review

    Travelled: November 2018

    Audrey Benedict - United States Of America

    Customer Image

    South Georgia is really special. The fact that we missed it on our first Antarctic trip is the major reason we went back.

    Travelled: February 2018

    Cindy & Nor - Washington

    If you don't visit South Georgia you're missing the 'jewel in the crown'. When we did this trip in 2008 the expedition leader in her opening remarks described South Georgia as "the place where God goes for his holidays".

    Travelled: February 2018

    RSW & MW - United Kingdom

    We would definitely recommend including South Georgia and the Falklands - whilst we weren't quite prepared for the days at sea to get between these places, they ended up being a wonderfully restorative part of our holiday.

    Travelled: December 2017

    Tish & Obadiah - Massachusetts

    South Georgia was the highlight of the trip. Be sure to choose an itinerary that includes it and you won't regret it. Salisbury Plain and St Andrews were amazing. I also loved Deception Island - I would recommend doing the polar plunge.

    Travelled: November 2017

    Janet - California

    Customer Image

    The highlights were the Shackleton history and being able to stand on the top of the pass where the trio looked down on the whaling base at Stromness - their destination.

    Travelled: November 2017

    Neill - New Zealand

    Too many highlights to pick out one in particular, but South Georgia is a must do. Landscapes were simply awesome. The wildlife was much more plentiful than I imagined, also unafraid and curious.

    Travelled: February 2017

    Kay and David - UK

    South Georgia was a delightful surprise – far more to offer than I could have imagined. I knew about the whaling industry & Shackleton but was thrilled with the number of kayak outings & landings we made here. The old whaling stations were particularly overwhelming & emotional.

    Travelled: January 2017

    Freda - UK

    The king penguins on Salisbury Plain were something I've never experienced before - unbelievable; the wildlife was fantastic.

    Travelled: March 2016

    Glyn - UK

    Customer Image

    South Georgia was simply amazing and quite overwhelming in its abundance of wildlife and history. To have king penguins filled with curiosity and pecking on our boots was unexpected and something we’ll never forget.

    Travelled: December 2015

    Phil & Mickey - Australia


    Map of South Georgia

    Highlights of South Georgia


    Adult and brown chick king penguins fill the entire frame in this photo at Salisbury Plain in South Georgia

    King penguins at Salisbury Plain

    Numbers alone fail to convey the sheer density of wildlife in South Georgia. Millions of seals, penguins and other seabirds make this sub-Antarctic island their home: at the height of the breeding season, there is said to be more wildlife here per square metre than any other place on the planet.  

    The bright and endless cacophony of South Georgia's king penguin colonies are one of the island's biggest drawcards, and the bird's unusual breeding cycle means that whenever you're on a South Georgia island tour you're guaranteed to see lots of woolly chicks. In other locations, other penguin species are to be found in large numbers: gentoos, chinstraps and macaronis with their luxuriant yellow eyebrow feathers.

    On the beaches, seals gather in vast numbers. In the early season you'll see giant beachmaster elephant seals weighing in at nearly five tonnes. In the new year, the seas froth with new-born fur seal pups swimming around your zodiac.

    The wildlife's lack of fear of humans makes them incredibly curious, so wherever you land you're never far from an amazing wildlife photo opportunity.


    Tourists in red jackets stand in the snow around the grave of Sir Ernest Shackleton in Grytviken on South Georgia island

    Toasting 'the Boss' at Shackleton's grave in Grytviken

    The human history of South Georgia is tucked into its bays and harbours, where traces of the bloody plunder of the sealing and whaling industries are slowly being reclaimed as the island's wildlife rebounds from centuries of exploitation.

    The rusting remains of the whaling station at Grytviken are compelling place to explore, along with its fabulous museum and old Norwegian church. Its cemetery is the last resting place of the polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, and the traditional graveside toast to 'The Boss' is a touching moment for many visitors.

    Weather-permitting, it's often possible to do the Shackleton Walk, which recreates the final stages of the epic hike from Fortuna Bay to the whaling station at Stromness that he and two of his companions made across the island in 1916 to raise the alarm after the desperate failure of the Endurance expedition. They walked from King Haakon Bay on storm-battered western side of the island after their voyage from Elephant Island – a landing here is a rare treat for Shackleton enthusiasts.

    Places to visit

    Which locations you visit depends on the weather and the season. With the exception of Grytviken, where alongside paying tribute to Shackleton you'll undergo essential biosecurity and immigration checks, it's impossible to guarantee where you'll land – but wherever you come ashore, the diversity of landing sites means you'll be visiting some of the spectacular places it's possible to see on an Antarctic trip.

    From the vast colonies of king penguins at St Andrews Bay and Salisbury Plain, to Gold Harbour where the sun's rays bathe hanging glaciers in glowing yellows and oranges, the scale of opportunities for wildlife spotting and taking in the scenery is unmatched.

    On Prion Island there are seasonal opportunities to walk near wandering albatrosses and their chicks, while at other locations you can zodiac cruise past the glaciers of Drygalski Fjord, or the sheer cliffs of Elsehul which are covered with the nests of tens of thousands of seabirds.

    Swoop Says background image

    Loli says

    The anticipation of your first landing in South Georgia is intoxicating: seeing the beaches dotted with seals while penguins porpoise through the water, all set against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains and glaciers.

    Loli Figueroa Polar Specialist

    Planning your South Georgia trip

    When to go

    A female tourist in a blue jacket wearing a Swoop Adventures buff and carrying a camera stands smiling in front of thousands on king penguins of South Georgia island

    King penguin chicks are present throughout the year

    South Georgia's visiting season runs through the austral summer months from the end of October to late March. The weather is at its most benign (if still unpredictable), with snow-free beaches and long days offering the most favourable light for photographers.

    Summer in South Georgia offers an ever-changing wildlife experience depending on when you visit.

    • Late October–November Catch the last of the season's battling bull elephant seals, while male fur seals start to haul up to claim their territories. Seabirds start to return to nest, while early season king penguin chicks start laying eggs.
    • December–January In December, the sheer density of fur seals on the beaches sometimes makes landings a challenge. In January, gentoo, chinstrap and macaroni penguin chicks are all hatching, and Prion Island becomes accessible to see the wandering albatrosses.
    • February–March The shores are thick with fur seal pups and moulting elephant seals, while king penguin chicks are at their fattest in preparation for their first winter. Fin and humpback whales are at their most plentiful off the coast.

    How to choose your South Georgia voyage

    A man stands on a mountain ridge on South Georgia Island, Behind him a ridge descends to a distant blue bay, with Stromness whaling station just visible at the end of the Shackleton hike

    Completing the Shackleton Walk on South Georgia

    South Georgia is visited as part of a longer cruise visiting the Antarctic Peninsula and the Falkland Islands. On a once-in-a-lifetime trip like this, finding the right voyage is crucial, so you'll want to carefully consider both the itinerary and the type of ship as well as your travel dates.

    • Itinerary Voyages typically spend between 3–5 days in South Georgia: some ships pass by quickly to concentrate on the Antarctic Peninsula, while others stay for longer to take advantage of the wealth of landing sites. If possible, we'd recommend at least four days in South Georgia to maximise your time onshore and reduce the chance of losing landings to poor weather.
    • Ship type Given the amount of time you’ll be spending on the Southern Ocean, carefully choosing the right ship pays real dividends. For longer trips, it's definitely worth considering a little extra room when booking your cabin; balconies are an option on many ships. Larger ships can give more space, but smaller ships can mean more opportunities for landings and zodiac cruises. Depending on the ship size, there can also be significant variations between vessels in staff-to-passenger ratio.
    Swoop Quotes background image

    A trip to the Antarctic Peninsula is going to be mind-blowing, there’s no doubt about that. But a trip to South Georgia is going to be like walking through a BBC wildlife documentary – it’s almost impossible to describe unless you’ve been there.

    Nate Polar expedition leader

    Comfort & adventure

    Daily landings and adventurous activities abound, but with the option of coming back to a more luxurious cabin, or your own private balcony.

    Special Offers:Swoop has access to the widest range of offers and can help you find the right trip, cabin, & price.

    Immense Discovery: Falklands, South Georgia & the Peninsula

    This fantastic trip covers all the must-see highlights of an extended Antarctic expedition. With 21 nights aboard, you will venture far south past vast icebergs to cross the Antarctic Circle before taking in jaw-dropping king penguin colonies in the wildlife…

    • 23 Days
    • $31,495
    Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands In Style

    Voyage south in Shackleton’s footsteps, exploring the Southern Ocean's highlights as part of this expansive 20-day adventure. A well-balanced itinerary gives plenty of time in each jaw-dropping location. Explore from the comfort of your sleek purpose-built expedition ship, accompanied by…

    • 20 Days
    • $25,495
    Ultimate Antarctica: South Georgia & Antarctic Circle

    An epic 23-day voyage which packs in an astonishing 7 days in Antarctica, 4 days in wildlife-rich South Georgia and the Antarctic Circle at 66 degrees south. It's very rare to find a trip combining all three places. Limited departure…

    • 23 Days
    • $39,490
    Explore Antarctica, South Georgia and Falklands

    On a long voyage with so many days at sea, the journey is made more enjoyable aboard this comfortable, well appointed 4* ship with its capacious cabins and dedicated staff. Choice of 17-23 day departures per season, with optional kayaking…

    • 17-23 Days
    • $14,795
    Spring Quest to Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia

    Setting sail ​early in the season, be aboard ​one of the ​first ship​s to head​ south ​as the Southern Ocean reopens for business​. It's a special time in South Georgia as the beaches are packed with breeding elephant seals, while…

    • 21 Days
    • $13,350
    South Georgia, Falklands and Antarctica In-Depth

    Devised by a team with 50 years of polar expedition experience, from the balance of the time exploring each location, to the wealth of onboard expertise and thoughtfully designed expedition ships, this trip has a real ‘pedigree’. Explore with the…

    • 22 Days
    • $28,020
    Destination Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia

    Join this classic Southern Ocean voyage, with a choice of two 21-day departures in the season. Travel aboard a generously proportioned 134-passenger expeditionary ship, undertake daily landings, with camping and kayaking for the…

    • 21 Days
    • $18,199
    South Georgia & The Falklands In-Depth

    Uniquely focused on extensive exploration of South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, without heading further south to Antarctica. Spend 8 full days exploring these bountiful sub-Antarctic Islands, brimming with both wildlife and history. Limited to spring and late summer…

    • 17 Days
    • $24,940
    South Georgia & Falklands Wildlife Safari

    With 8 full days exploring the wildlife meccas of South Georgia and the Falklands, this trip particularly appeals to wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. Travelling aboard a small custom-designed 100 guest expedition ship ensures extended time ashore each day. Further benefits…

    • 17 Days
    • $12,995
    Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands Revealed

    Purpose-built to tackle polar waters, an eco-minded vessel makes the ocean crossing between Antarctica and the wildlife Eden of South Georgia as comfortable as possible. Traverse the breathtaking Antarctic Sound where huge tabular icebergs dwarf the ship and immerse yourself…

    • 19 Days
    • $15,595
    Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Adventure

    With a good choice of departure dates through the season across three medium-sized ships, this 19-22 day trip stands out for its value for money and the broad range of cabin categories available, including Quads, which are…

    • 19-22 Days
    • $13,550

    Luxury & fine dining

    South Georgia and Antarctic cruises on board the finest ships. Bright, spacious cabins, exquisite food, and the highest standard of service throughout.

    Special Offers:Swoop has access to the widest range of offers and can help you find the right trip, cabin, & price.

    Luxury Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica

    For a truly 5 star Southern Ocean experience, this is the voyage to consider. Cosseted aboard the most luxurious, all-inclusive expedition ships currently in Antarctica, enjoy outstanding cuisine, impeccable service and daily guided…

    • 19 Days
    • $20,053
    Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia in Comfort

    Travelling aboard a modern, custom-built expedition ship with luxury amenities, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the adventure as you speed through the Southern Ocean. The all-inclusive price – with outstanding food – is excellent value…

    • 18-19 Days
    • $16,405
    Luxury South Georgia & Antarctica Fly & Cruise

    Combine the spellbinding wildlife spectacle of South Georgia with the White Continent's jaw-dropping landscapes on this luxurious time-saving expedition. Cut out two days at sea by flying between Antarctica and South America in just two hours. If you're seeking seamless…

    • 16 Days
    • $28,700
    Elegant Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica

    This is the ideal voyage if you're looking to explore the spectacular wildlife of the Falkland Islands and South Georgia without compromising on time in Antarctica. Off-ship adventures are perfectly balanced with relaxation time on board your comfortably appointed 5*…

    • 21 Days
    • $16,199

    South Georgia cruises FAQs

    • Can I fly to South Georgia?

      No. There isn't enough flat land on South Georgia to build an airstrip, so all visitors must arrive by sea. The closest airport to South Georgia is at Stanley on the Falkland Islands. Under usual sea conditions it takes two days to sail to South Georgia from either the Falkland Islands or the Antarctic Peninsula. 

    • How much time will I spend in South Georgia?

      This will very much depend on which voyage you choose. Most voyages spend between 3- 5 days exploring South Georgia, while the maximum is 8 days. Four days is the optimum period, as it allows plenty of time to explore even under changeable weather conditions.

    • How much does a cruise to South Georgia cost?

      Prices start from around $10,500-$13,000/person for a Quad or Triple cabin or $14,000-$16,000 per person for a twin cabin, but vary markedly depending on the trip, ship, the timing of travel and which cabin category you choose. 

      While discounts are rare, those people booking early can sometimes take advantage of early booking incentives of up to USD $1,500 per person offered on select trips.

    • Will I see penguin chicks?

      It takes more than a year for a king penguin chick to fledge, so there are chicks present on South Georgia all year round. If you're able to make a landing at one of the big king penguin colonies, you are pretty much guaranteed to see plenty of fluffy brown chicks, along with year-old chicks in the middle of the final moult into their adult plumage. 

      Macaroni and gentoo penguin chicks can generally be spotted in their colonies from mid-November, fledging from January and February respectively.

    • What Shackleton history is there to see on South Georgia?

      All cruise ships visit Grytviken to carry out immigration and biosecurity checks, so you'll almost always be able to land here to visit Shackleton's grave in the old whaling station cemetery: guides will arrange a toast to 'the Boss' here. The museum in Grytviken has plenty of interest for Shackleton fans, including a full-sized replica of the James Caird
      It is sometimes possible to do the Shackleton Walk from Fortuna Bay to Stromness, recreating the final stage of his epic walk across the island in 1916. On some itineraries, ships may also attempt to visit King Haakon Bay on the western side of the island, where the James Caird made landfall after sailing from Elephant Island. 
      See our Following in Shackleton’s footsteps on South Georgia blog for a guide to the sites associated with the great man.

    • When should I start to plan my trip?

      It's never too early to plan your South Georgia trip. There are far fewer of these longer voyages than there are regular trip to the Antarctic Peninsula only. Because they're so spectacular, they're also in very high demand.

      To be confident of securing your preferred choice you should start planning as early as possible, and ideally book 12 - 18 months in advance. Early booking discounts are sometimes available.

      Voyage dates are typically released by the different ship operators between 15 - 20 months in advance.

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    We want to protect Antarctica for future generations - which is why we became a certified B Corp and set up our own conservation fund. So your adventures can be a force for good.

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    We leave nothing to chance in delivering your perfect trip and have over 6500 happy travellers to show for it. With a dedicated Antarctic co-ordinator & support throughout - you’re in safe hands.

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    A group of three king penguins on the beach in South Georgia, with mountains in the background

    South Georgia Wildlife

    Numbers alone simply can’t explain how extraordinarily abundant and breathtaking the wildlife of South Georgia is: this is the Serengeti of the Southern Ocean

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