About Me

Life before Swoop 

After finishing school, I set off for 6 months on my first independent travels. Little did I know that this would have a profound impact on me and blossom into a lifelong addiction! From there, I went to university, where I studied Geography and Sociology, making the most of the long breaks with inter-railing trips around Europe and an overland voyage through Africa.

As soon as I had my degree in the bag, it was time to move to New Zealand and maximise its incredible hiking, skiing and snowboarding opportunities. After three years of fun, I returned to the UK to turn my passion for travel into a career. I spent the next 5 years planning tailor-made trips to Europe before getting the chance to visit Antarctica. I knew instantly that this was the destination I was most passionate about sharing with other people. 

My polar experience

My first polar trip was in 2013, where our ship circumnavigated the remote archipelago of Svalbard. As a previous sun worshipper, my eyes were opened to the incredible scenery and wildlife of the polar regions – spotting your first polar bear is something you will never forget. Next, I was lucky enough to travel on an extended voyage to Antarctica and spectacular South Georgia, which was truly a mind-blowing experience.

An expedition cruise to Greenland, with its stunning scenery and glaciers, gave me more insight into the different polar regions and the vast variety of landscapes and wildlife. Next, I was on the 75th cruise ship ever to navigate the fabled Northwest Passage. A fascinating experience with so much history to get to grips with and ice to navigate – a true feat of skill by our Captain.  

Why I love Antarctica 

While it might be a cliche, Antarctica is genuinely a life-changing experience. It’s a place that really can’t be imagined until you are there yourself. No amount of description from someone else will do it justice, so to have the chance to visit and experience it body and soul is monumental. I love going about everyday life just thinking about penguins bumbling around, icebergs calving, and whales meandering peacefully through water. It seems so far away and almost an imaginary land! Getting to visit is a privilege and one I am delighted to be able to help make a reality for people. 

Day to Day at Swoop 

As an Antarctic specialist, I am here to help with making your once-in-a-lifetime trip the best it can possibly be. As I know from personal experience, figuring out what is going to work for you and making sure you get the absolute most out of the experience can be overwhelming. That is where I come in with a thorough knowledge of travelling to Antarctica, to discuss and advise what will suit you and answer any question you have throughout the process of booking your adventure. 

Ready to plan your Antarctic adventure?



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