Sailing Voyages in Antarctica

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Antarctic Yacht Expedition

With a maximum of 8 passengers, this Antarctic sailing experience is truly intimate and unique. An expeditionary trip, where you fly one way and sail the other, enables you to spend plenty of precious time in Antarctica with its penguins,…

  • 19 Days
  • $18,140

Sailing in Antarctica: FAQs

  • What's the typical length of a sailing voyage to Antarctica?

    Normally a minimum of 21 days in length for Antarctica.

  • When is the best time to go?

    The short sailing window is December to March. Each month has its own particular characteristics.

  • How fit do I need to be?

    Reasonably fit and in good health. A clean bill of health from your doctor is required before being accepted on to joining a voyage.

  • How much sailing experience is required?

    A good understanding of the logistics of sailing and fair sea legs would be a distinct advantage.

  • To what extent does weather affect the itinerary?

    The weather is everything and will have a direct and ever present influence on the voyages routing and progress. The master of the vessel reserves the right to alter itineraries without notice due to weather if necessary. Booking a flexible return flight is recommended, in case of delay, if you are planning on flying directly home after the voyage.

  • Where do these voyages sail from?

    The southerly city of Punta Arenas in Chilean Patagonia.

  • What is / isn't included in the cost?

    Included: Accommodation on board in a heated cabin, food and beverages including wine and beer, all port fees and local taxes, use of life jackets (PFDs) and harness, use of Inmarsat communication equipment, as per the Communications Agreement, use of Aire Sea Tiger double kayaks

    Excluded: The cost for any guiding expertise for special activities, e.g., mountaineering, scuba diving, kayaking, airport transfers, hard liquor, communications transmission costs, other items of personal clothing includes sleeping bag and sea boots, kayaking drysuits

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Kayaking in Antarctica

Kayaking in Antarctica

Imagine the swish of water as it passes your hull or the clack of brash ice against your paddle blade. Skim past penguin rookeries and seals sleeping on passing ice floes.

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Snowshoeing in Antarctica

Snowshoeing in Antarctica

Snowshoeing is an easy way of exploring the Antarctic Peninsula. For the more adventurous, try mountaineering and get a taste of the region's fantastic climbing opportunities.

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Antarctic Adventure Activities

Simply getting to Antarctica is a big enough adventure for many, but for those who really want to maximise their Antarctic experience there are some outstanding adventure activities to consider. Many of the Antarctic voyages we offer provide these as optional adventure add-ons.

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