5 Reasons to Visit Antarctica in February

  1. The penguin chicks are now very active and curious, chasing both parents for food as soon as they return from fishing trips
  2. It's peak whale spotting season as all migrating pods have now made it down to Antarctica's rich waters
  3. February is the perfect month to reach the Polar Circle, now that the ice has receded to its maximum extent
  4. The moulting stage begins for the adult penguins, while the chicks are fledging and learning to swim in the shallows
  5. The focus of the Humpback whales now changes, becoming more inquisitive now they’ve sated their appetite

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Antarctica Cruises - February

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FAQs: Antarctic Travel in February

  • What are the typical weather conditions?

    Temperatures are still warm in February and the weather pretty stable, making travel pleasant.

    Average temperatures:

    • Antarctic Peninsula: 34 degrees F (1 degrees C)
    • South Georgia: 45 degrees F (7 degrees C)
    • The Falklands: 46 degrees F (8 degrees C)
  • What's the wildlife doing?

    February is Antarctica's most active wildlife month - in the rookeries the penguin chicks are growing up fast making strong demands on their parents for food.

    As they become larger and more resistant to the predations of greedy skuas, the urgency on the part of their parents to provide enough food will mean they are left on their own while both parents go out to sea to fish. This steady stream of dutiful parent penguins entering and exiting the water means Leopard seal are often seen predating along the ice edge.

    Young penguin chicks from late February start fledging and learning to swim in the shallows. February and March are also the best months for whale sightings in Antarctica, in particular humpback, minke and orca. The humpback whales tend to be very focused on feeding at this stage.

    On South Georgia, the main bulk of the King penguins will start laying their eggs in February/March, which means that there is the maximum number of birds in the rookeries at this time.

  • How will choosing to travel in February affect the cost?

    February, like late late December and January, is technically classed as 'High Season' which carries a premium over the lower Shoulder Season pricing in November and March. However in our opinion the better wildlife encounters and more stable weather during this period is well worth the extra investment.

  • Can I fly to Antarctica in February?

    Flights to Antarctica only operate through to mid February, after which the airfield at Frei Base on King Georgia Island (South Shetland Islands) closes due to the onset of winter and won't re-open until 1st December.

  • What additional activities are available?

    With the arrival of High Summer, the opening up of the ice allows kayakers to cover more ground, while +21 hours of daylight a day provides an interesting experience for overnight campers out on the ice.

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