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Explore the Antarctic Peninsula

Travelling aboard a state-of-the-art small ship and accompanied by unparalleled onboard expertise, expeditionary cruising doesn’t get much better. Regular departures throughout the season and a choice of three outstanding ships renowned for their comfort, enhanced safety features and spirit of adventure.

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Explore the Antarctic Peninsula

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Trip type

Antarctic Peninsula

Trip length

12 Days


$16,810 -$46,430

Ship Comfort


Explore the Antarctic Peninsula - 12 Days - $16,810

Trip Summary and Itinerary Map

  • 5 full days exploring Antarctica
  • Choice of 3 ships, including 2 high tech purpose-built X-bows, all complimented by a hugely experienced expeditionary team 
  • Antarctic operational experience since 1966, the original pioneer
  • Expedition staff to guest ratio of 1:12
  • National Geographic certified photographer on every voyage and unusual photographic gear road-testing scheme available on board
  • Unique onboard ROV submersible and divemaster capturing underwater footage to share with guests
  • Complimentary beverages, including alcoholic drinks, and an Antarctic kayaking session for all guests
  • 100% plastic free on board

Landmarks potentially visited on Explore the Antarctic Peninsula

Operator's Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive into South America 

For expeditions which start in Buenos Aires: Arrive in Buenos Aires, set on the Rio de la Plata, and check in to the included Alvear Art Hotel (or similar). In the afternoon, you will have a guided overview of the city, seeing its Beaux Arts palaces, grand boulevards, and the famous balcony forever associated with Eva Peron. 

For expeditions which start in Santiago: Arrive in Santiago and check in to the included Mandarin Oriental (or similar).  The capital is nearly surrounded by the Andes, which form an inspiring backdrop to your afternoon guided overview of this vibrant city. Explore the Plaza de Armas, the main square, and nearby Presidential Palace, enjoying wonderful views from the many hills that dot the city. 

Day 2: Fly to Ushuaia (Mandatory – Additional Cost)

Today you will join your fellow expeditioners on a private charter flight to Ushuaia, Argentina. From the plane, enjoy glorious views as you fly over the vividly rugged terrain of Patagonia before landing in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. Before boarding the ship your group may visit Tierra del Fuego National Park, with its beautiful forest of southern beech.

Lunch will be served onboard a private catamaran while cruising the Beagle Channel, where you’ll be on the lookout for huge South American sea lions and birds like imperial cormorants. You may even spot your first penguins - look out for Magellanic penguins porpoising through the water.  

In the afternoon you will embark on your ship and set sail for Antarctica.  Please note that the mandatory charter flight package is at additional cost and includes your flights to and from Ushuaia.   

Days 3 & 4: At sea crossing the Drake Passage

This 500-mile-wide strait between South America and the Antarctic Peninsula is one of the most famous bodies of water in the world. Sometimes ferocious, sometimes flat calm, the Drake is always a fascinating place in its own right. This part of the journey is your best opportunity to see huge seabirds like the wandering albatross cruising past overhead - cameras at the ready!

This is also time to get to know your way around the ship and prepare for the adventures ahead. Visit the Bridge (a great place to spot wildlife), have a relaxing massage, attend the educational presentations on the wildlife and geology that you will soon be experiencing, or settle into a comfy chair in the Observation Lounge, look out over the waves and reflect on the incredible history of this fabled passage. 

Depending on the weather conditions and the speed you make during your crossing, you may be arriving into the South Shetland Islands and/or the Antarctic Peninsula on Day 5.  If so, you may even have your first excursion this afternoon. Certainly keep your eyes peeled for that first iceberg! 

Days 5 to 9: Antarctic Peninsula

The Antarctic Peninsula stretches over 800 miles from north to south, a spine of craggy peaks cut by dozens of deep fjords. It’s an enormous region with many different faces and ever-changing weather. Your ship’s expedition team have decades of exploration experience, allowing them to stay flexible and respond to changing conditions, turn on a dime and select the optimal activity for each day.

The objective is to be out daily, exploring in the Zodiacs, hiking at penguin colonies, discovering remote bays, photographing wildlife, and learning fascinating details from the naturalists and other experts who accompany you on every excursion. There is also time for simply relaxing and watching while the ship cruises through some of the most spectacular scenery on Earth. Grab a cup of cocoa and a comfortable seat in the Observation Lounge, visit the officers on the Bridge, or just kick back in your cabin and watch for seals on ice or whales blowing in the distance.

Whether you are cruising past spectacular glaciers in the ship, watching seals in the Zodiacs, or hiking around the penguin colonies, you will benefit from the company of an expert National Geographic photographer along with the ship’s own photo instructor, who share what they capture and help you to perfect both the art and the technique of polar photography. 

Days 10 & 11: Crossing the Drake Passage, heading to Ushuaia

Bid Antarctica farewell as you begin the crossing back to Ushuaia. An albatross or two may join the avian escort of seabirds, and crew spotters will keep an eye out for marine life.

There'll be plenty of time to enjoy a wellness treatment, log some time in the gym, or even catch up on the book you haven't had a minute to read.

This is also a great time to start sorting through your many photographs. 

The continuing programme of educational talks from the expedition team will reflect on all you have seen and learned. 

Day 12: Fly back to Buenos Aires or Santiago

After breakfast, you will disembark in Ushuaia. Here the charter flight will be waiting to return you back to civilization.

Please note that you will be flying back to whichever city you originally came through e.g. either Buenos Aires or Santiago.

For those select departures with optional flights back to the US you will take your onward flight overnight tonight.If you are arranging your own international flights home, please ensure your plane is due to depart after 9.30pm at the absolute earliest. Alternatively you may wish to arrange an additional night in the city and fly on tomorrow. 

Why Swoop

Expert Impartial Advice At No Extra Cost

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Antarctic travel options are complicated. We help you choose the right ship, the right cabin, and at the right point in the season.

A Depth Of Knowledge On Board

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As a team of ex-guides, tour leaders, & polar adventurers our Antarctic knowledge is leagues ahead of the rest.

For The Ends Of The Earth

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Swoop is proud to be B Corp Certified as we know sustainability is more than our carbon footprint (but we’re reducing that too).

We’re With You At Every Step

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We’ll make sure you have the adventure of a lifetime.

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What our customers think of Explore the Antarctic Peninsula

Explore the Antarctic Peninsula trips scored 4.2/5 from 10 reviews

That is hard! Everyday we experienced memorable moments. If I had to choose, I would say watching the whales spying and diving. It was an incredible sight!

Travelled: February 2024

Elaine -

The utter beauty of the entire area...especially the quite close encounters with the Humpback whales!

Travelled: February 2024

William -

Penguin colonies / Whales / Seals

Travelled: February 2024

Anonymous -

hiking and activities with my great colleagues during the trip

Travelled: February 2024

Srinthip -

Walking with penguins and kayaking along side the beautiful icebergs

Travelled: February 2024

Soohan -

Being around the nature

Travelled: February 2024

Huang Jian Xiang Anthony -

Antarctica is a place I had seen in pictures, documentaries and movies and even after taking pictures of my own I see now that digital images can't describe what I saw and how it made me feel!

Travelled: January 2024

Anonymous -

Spending relaxing time and enjoying good food on the Resolution. Kayaking and listening to afternoon talks in the Ice Lounge.

Travelled: January 2024

Alexander -

kayaking in antarctic bays; observing the penguins; going through the ice with the ship; standing in the bow of the ship in incredible light at 1 am

Travelled: January 2024

Patricia -

So hard to narrow it down to just one moment. How about one day? On Christmas Eve, our family walked among penguins on the continent, sailed through the Lemaire Channel, plunged into the Antarctic Ocean, devoured a gourmet Filipino feast, and then were treated to a spectacular show by a pod of 20+ Orcas off the bough of our ship -- all of it in eternal daylight on one of the longest days of the year.

Travelled: January 2024

Lovely Z -


A feature that we have never seen on any other ship are the 'igloos'. These geodesic domes are located out on deck and make a wonderfully quirky sheltered place to enjoy the view by day. They can also be booked on board for overnight stays: glamping polar-style!

cassia jackson Polar Specialist

Prices, Departures and Inclusions

Prices quoted below are per person based on 2 people sharing. Cabin availability changes all the time so please contact us for up-to-date details and information on specific cabin availability.



Category 06 - Captain's Suite Category 01 - Porthole Category 01 - Window Category 02 - Window Category 03 Category 04 Single Category 05 - Balcony Category 06 - Junior Balcony Suite Category 07 - Superior Balcony
November 2024
10-Nov-2024 Full Full $18,490 $19,040 $22,130 $24,720 $27,650 $28,500 $32,600 $36,370 Enquire
12-Nov-2024 Full Full $18,490 $19,040 $22,130 $24,720 $27,650 $28,500 $32,600 $36,370 Enquire
20-Nov-2024 Full Full $18,490 $19,040 $22,130 $24,720 $27,650 $28,500 $32,600 $36,370 Enquire
22-Nov-2024 Full Full $18,490 $19,040 $22,130 $24,720 $27,650 $28,500 $32,600 $36,370 Enquire
30-Nov-2024 Full Full $18,490 $19,040 $22,130 $24,720 $27,650 $28,500 $32,600 $36,370 Enquire
December 2024
2-Dec-2024 Full Full $18,490 $19,040 $22,130 $24,720 $27,650 $28,500 $32,600 $36,370 Enquire
10-Dec-2024 Full Full $18,860 $19,410 $22,570 $25,210 $28,200 $29,040 $33,230 $37,080 Enquire
12-Dec-2024 Full Full $18,860 $19,410 $22,570 $25,210 $28,200 $29,040 $33,230 $37,080 Enquire
January 2025
1-Jan-2025 Full Full $17,800 $18,330 $21,310 $23,800 $26,620 $27,420 $31,370 $35,000 Enquire
31-Jan-2025 Full Full $17,800 $18,330 $21,310 $23,800 $26,620 $27,420 $31,370 $35,000 Enquire
February 2025
18-Feb-2025 Full Full $17,800 $18,330 $21,310 $23,800 $26,620 $27,420 $31,370 $35,000 Enquire
28-Feb-2025 Full Full $21,330 $21,780 $25,570 $28,620 $31,880 $32,870 $37,780 $41,190 Enquire
November 2025
17-Nov-2025 Full Full $16,810* $17,320 $20,130 $22,480 $25,215 $25,920 $29,650 $33,090 Enquire
27-Nov-2025 Full Full $16,810* $17,320 $20,130 $22,480 $25,215 $25,920 $29,650 $33,090 Enquire
December 2025
7-Dec-2025 Full Full $17,510 $18,020 $20,950 $23,400 $26,265 $26,960 $30,850 $34,430 Enquire
9-Dec-2025 Full Full $17,140 $17,640 $20,510 $22,910 $25,710 $36,400 $30,200 $33,700 Enquire
17-Dec-2025 Full Full $23,140 $23,620 $27,740 $31,050 $34,710 $35,670 $40,980 $45,470 Enquire
19-Dec-2025 Full Full $23,630 $24,120 $28,320 $31,700 $35,445 $36,420 $41,850 $46,430 Enquire
27-Dec-2025 Full Full $19,760 $21,820 $22,520 $24,240 $29,640 $29,100 $33,350 $38,570 Enquire
29-Dec-2025 Full Full $19,760 $21,820 $22,520 $24,240 $29,640 $29,100 Full $38,570 Enquire

* Note: Prices are per person. Paid in USD ($) - figure above is based on today's exchange rate. Actual cost $16810

Additional Notes

To ensure a seamless travel experience, all departures have a compulsory wrap-around package in either Santiago or Buenos Aires (depending on departure date) which includes 1 night's hotel accommodation, charter flights to Ushuaia (return) and transfers. The additional price of this package is approximately US$1,280 per person Buenos Aires-Ushuaia (NG Endurance & Explorer) or US$1,570 per person Santiago-Ushuaia (NG Resolution). Please contact us for more details.

Please note that select departures take place on a slightly larger 148 passenger traditional bow vessel. Further information on your ship will be provided with your quotation. 

Single Supplement And Child Policy

For those travelling solo and want their own cabin, this ship has a good number of dedicated single cabins, please contact us for details. However, there is no single supplement if you are willing to share a cabin.

Children of all ages are permitted on this trip. Young travellers receive a $500 discount off the voyage price. Please contact us for details.

Optional Adventure Activities

Enhance your trip with the following add ons. Limited places per activity.
Get in contact to check availability.

Activity Cost Additional Information
Add on icon Photography Photography Complimentary All departures. Workshops with a professional photographer.
Add on icon Paddling Paddling Complimentary One-off paddle session. Available on all departures, subject to weather and ice conditions. Cannot be booked in advance; onboard booking only.
Add on icon Snowshoeing Snowshoeing Complimentary Available on select departures, depending on conditions.


  • One night hotel (Buenos Aires or Santiago)
  • Accommodation and meals while onboard on full board basis
  • Voyage aboard the vessel as indicated in the itinerary
  • All shore excursions and zodiac activities
  • Use of kayaks
  • Beverages including alcoholic drinks, except for certain super-premium brands
  • One 3-in-1 lined expedition parka per guest
  • Transfers to and from group flights
  • Educational lectures by expert onboard polar guides
  • Access to an onboard doctor and basic medical services
  • Comprehensive pre-departure information
  • Port taxes and any entry fees to historic landing sites
  • Crew gratuities


  • Mandatory domestic charter flight package including flights to/from Ushuaia 
  • International air fare
  • Any additional pre/post land services, including meals
  • Transfers not specified in the itinerary
  • Waterproof boots (can be hired online and sent to the ship for approx. $90)
  • Visa, passport and any vaccination expenses
  • Airport arrival or departure taxes
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Voyage DVD
  • Additional onboard purchases (i.e. gift shop, internet, laundry)

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