5 reasons to visit the Antarctic Peninsula

  1. Ludicrously beautiful, the Peninsula has some of the most dramatic scenery in the whole of Antarctica
  2. Home to the greatest collection of Antarctic wildlife, a veritable menagerie of penguins, seals and whales
  3. The most accessible and popular part of Antarctica to visit from Patagonia, with the widest choice of voyages and ships
  4. Traverse ice-choked channels by zodiacs, experience the cacophony of penguin rookeries, camp out on the Continent
  5. Visit the Peninsula's highlights - Deception Island, Port Lockroy, Paradise Bay and the Lemaire Channel to name but a few
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What our customers think of Antarctic Peninsula Cruises

Antarctic Peninsula Cruises trips scored 4.4/5 from 637 reviews

Most memorable moment? My partner proposed to me at Orne Harbor as chinstrap penguins wandered by, and then we got to see a group of humpback whales on the zodiac cruise right after! Read the full review

Travelled: February 2023

Leanne Matthews - USA

I really enjoyed the opportunity to see the various penguins in their natural habitat - I loved watching them waddle around, swim or just lay on the snow. Read the full review

Travelled: January 2023

Dave Lo - USA

Most memorable moment? Watching an iceberg roll while on the Zodiac with new buddies. Read the full review

Travelled: January 2023

Mary Engebreth - USA

The wildlife was so amazing. We saw an innumerable amount of penguins, whales, and seals. We got so many incredible images and videos of penguins with their “derpy” personalities. Read the full review

Travelled: December 2022

Michael Bucher - USA

My three most memorable zodiac cruises were seeing the most gorgeous ice I could ever imagine, having our staff give us an encounter with krill and watching the seal swimming not far from our boat, looking directly at us whenever his/her head came above the waterline. Read the full review

Travelled: December 2022

Linda Nolte - USA

10/10 - I’ve wanted to go to Antarctica for about 18 years. It was a bucket list adventure. I was able to camp, cruise the Antarctica waters, and kayak around glaciers and icebergs. Read the full review

Travelled: December 2022

Natalie Dewberry-Moore - USA

Every member of the team brought a different focus to our experience. They were engaging, passionate and worked very hard to ensure we had the best experience possible. Read the full review

Travelled: December 2022

Rebecca Brown - USA

Most memorable moment: Waking up the first day in Antarctica with the sun shining, surrounding mountains covered in snow, porpoising penguins, and beautiful blue waters. Read the full review

Travelled: December 2022

Charlie Barchett - USA

Stepping onto the Antarctic Peninsula for the first time, its beauty brought me to tears. It’s something I will never forget. Read the full review

Travelled: November 2022

Sandra Whitlock-Baker - UK

The flora, fauna, scenery were all interwoven to create a memorable sometimes overwhelmingly awesome experience. Read the full review

Travelled: February 2022

Jane Crowley - USA

It's hard to choose from so many memorable moments; every day I thought it was the best ever but I think I will say that the zodiac excursion across Paradise Bay with the whales right in front of us, or the cruise through Spert Islands channels and the iceberg graveyard with it all set off by the amazingly blue water. Also getting to 68 degrees south was incredible! Read the full review

Travelled: February 2022

Jennifer Ruth - USA

I expected it to be an amazing trip and it was even better than expected. I don't think you can really be prepared for the experience. Read the full review

Travelled: February 2022

Jennifer Ruth - USA

I loved all the zodiac trips; the landings were incredible too but I could do zodiacs all day every day. The zodiac across Paradise Bay and Spert Island were the best; we used the term "white water zodiacing" at Spert and it was so much fun! Read the full review

Travelled: February 2022

Jennifer Ruth - USA

Take advantage of all the floor to ceiling windows - whales and seals just slide by when you're not expecting it! Do all the things you possibly can and be open to all the experiences, ask questions: the expedition crew is so passionate and knows so much. Read the full review

Travelled: February 2022

Jennifer Ruth - USA

The entire experience was well planned with necessary information given to trip participants in a timely manner. And besides logistics, the number and variety of off-ship excursions were outstanding, allowing us to see and experience so much of what Antarctica has to offer even in a short visit. Read the full review

Travelled: January 2022

Fred Delcomyn - USA

Antarctica is even more remote and wild than I had imagined. Read the full review

Travelled: January 2022

Fred Delcomyn - USA

Overall a magical experience. Antarctica did exceed anything we had imagined or seen in pictures or video. No way to encompass the experience of stunning sights without being there. So big, so pristine. As we told some fellow passengers: Disney talks about magic in Orlando, but that is fake magic. Antarctica is the real magic on Earth. Read the full review

Travelled: December 2021

Mike Walcher - USA

Antarctica is vast, beautiful, and unforgiving. So much beauty, and so much struggle. Read the full review

Travelled: December 2021

Diane Walcher - USA

Customer Image

Swoop are very good and John's advice and chats that we had, made what could have been a difficult decision easy.

Travelled: March 2018

Mick - UK

Customer Image

I could not have asked for better service than Swoop provided. You answered all my questions and concerns and provided me with all trip details and requirements.

Travelled: January 2018

Al & Natalia - Florida

Customer Image

Excursions were the highlights of the trip. I can't point a finger to any of them saying that one was the best. They were all fantastic!

Travelled: January 2018

Zoltan & Stephen Nemeth - Florida

Customer Image

It was an incredible experience. Antarctica is unlike any place I have ever visited, totally unspoiled by human influence aside from the few research stations dotted here and there. The raw beauty and remoteness is impossible to describe.

Travelled: January 2018

Tony & Penny - Mississippi

Customer Image

We saw much more wildlife than expected, including humpbacks swimming around and under our kayaks, as well as visiting the boat on several occasions; an unusual visit from a large pod of orcas; lots of seals; birds and, of course, highly entertaining penguins.

Travelled: December 2017

George & Kate - Connecticut

Customer Image

We booked with Swoop because it was evident in the first phone call that Swoop knew far more about Antarctic travel than an agent recommended by friends. Book through people who have been there repeatedly; Swoop was an excellent choice.

Travelled: December 2017

Marc - Florida

No camera can do justice to the omnipotence of Antarctica, it is humbling. Penguins were cheeky, seals were unphased and the whales gave hope that we haven't destroyed the planet yet.

Travelled: December 2017

Pauline - Australia

Customer Image

Lemaire Channel was spectacular even though we had to turn around at the end due to iceberg blocking the way. Saw so many whales - fin, humpback, and orca.

Travelled: March 2017

Nathalie - California

Customer Image

Seeing astounding small blue crevasses among the vast white background, watching sea-ice form, witnessing icebergs calving and crashing into the sea, unexpectedly coming across lush green algae and blue copper staining on the rocks are all experiences that we will never forget.

Travelled: March 2017

Graham and Angela - UK

Customer Image

My highlight was landing on the continent in Paradise Bay and going to Deception Island. We repeatedly said we felt like we were on an ocean safari, we saw so much wildlife every day.

Travelled: March 2017

Barbara - California

Absolutely superb...genuinely spectacular. In terms of a destination, nothing else comes anywhere near.

Travelled: December 2015

Liz & Anthony - London

Antarctica in perfect weather was the absolute highlight. Undoubtedly one of the best experiences in my travels!

Travelled: December 2015

James - UK


Visiting the Antarctic Peninsula

What to expect

Prepare for sensory overload. By day you'll take to rubber zodiacs to cruise amongst towering icebergs, visit vast penguin rookeries and cruise ice floes for wildlife, whilst at night you'll anchor up in a quiet bay ready for the next day's adventure.

Each day after breakfast you'll set out for your first landing, always accompanied by your expedition leaders. After 2-3 hours of exploring, you'll return for lunch, and the ship may reposition before you get back into your zodiacs to cruise past icebergs, or to patrol the ice edge for basking seals. It's then back to the ship for a well-deserved drink, and to share stories with your fellow travellers.

Approaching ice in a zodiac - Antarctica travel cost

Approaching ice in a zodiac

How to get there

The Antarctic Peninsula lies a short two day journey by boat from the toe of Patagonia, across the narrow neck of the infamous Drake Passage. As it is the most easily accessed part of Antarctica, and one of the most popular due to the scenic beauty and extraordinary menagerie of wildlife, there is a wealth of choice of ways to get there. From authentic expeditionary ships to luxurious vessels, there's something to suit every traveller and their budget. 

For those for whom time is more limited, you can save days by avoiding the Drake Passage altogether and taking a flight to Antarctica. In just two hours you'll touch down on the white continent, ready to start exploring.

Antarctic Peninsula Cruises
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Swoop says

The peninsula is actually a continuation of The Andes, which makes the scenery amazing. The Lemaire Channel is only half a mile wide and the peaks rise straight up out of the water on either side as you sail down it.

When to visit

Cruises operate between late October and the end of March. Each month has its own characteristics and nuances, so there's no real 'best time' to visit, however there is a high season and shoulder season.

High season is late December to early February when days are long, the weather is the most stable and wildlife the most active. However, spring (late October and November) has lots of offer, with heavier ice and the chance of being one of the first down to Antarctica for that year. Later in the season, the softer light of March is excellent for photographers, and you've got higher chances of whale sightings.

Reach the Antarctic Peninsula by boat - Antarctica cruises 2021

Entering the Lemaire Channel

What route will I take?

A Peninsula cruise typically begins by exploring the South Shetland Islands, and may include Half Moon Bay, Deception Island and Livingston Island. From here, you may continue on to Hope Bay and the Antarctic Sound (filled with tabular icebergs) before heading south along the Gerlache Strait and through the Lemaire Channel to Paradise Bay.

Ultimately your route will be heavily influenced by the weather and ice conditions. The expeditionary leader and captain will decide where best to go to get you the best landing sites, so no two Antarctic cruises are ever the same. Flexibility is a key feature of any Antarctic cruise and is very much all part of the adventure.

Gentoo penguins in Antarctica

Gentoo penguins in Antarctica

Zodiac cruising in Antarctica

Authentic Expeditions

These voyages are expeditionary at heart - expect a strong focus on adventure, and getting out and about in Antarctica.

Special Offers:Swoop has access to the widest range of offers and can help you find the right trip, cabin, & price.

Antarctic Basecamp Adventure

The ultimate Antarctic adventure, this trip is specifically for the active traveller. Spend 7 days kayaking, hiking, camping, mountaineering and snowshoeing, all included in the price. A medium-sized expedition ship acts as your floating ‘basecamp’. Great value for money backed…

  • 13 Days
  • $10,200
Antarctic Peninsula Explorer

Explore the White Continent aboard one of the newest additions to the polar fleet, a state-of-the-art expedition vessel combining adventure with comfort. As well as being limited to only 132 passengers, there’s also a wide range of optional activities on…

  • 12-15 Days
  • $12,795
Antarctic Explorer

The great strength of this trip is choice – a wide selection of departure dates and optional adventure activities available on a sleek purpose-built 138 passenger expedition ship. Spend four full days exploring Antarctica. Enjoy daily shore landings and zodiac…

  • 11 Days
  • $13,995
Classic Peninsula Voyage

Travelling aboard this modern 134-passenger ship with its 200-degree observation lounge and spacious cabins, spend 4 full days exploring Antarctica’s extraordinary icebergs and wildlife. Optional camping and kayaking, while Ushuaia hotel accommodation and a parka jacket are included in the…

  • 11 Days
  • $10,199
Antarctica Classic in Depth

Few other voyages offer 6 full days on the Peninsula. You'll have time to really absorb the incredible glacial landscapes, unique wildlife & the history; whilst options for kayaking & camping offer another perspective. The large & stable vessel softens…

  • 13 Days
  • $10,799
Cruise to The Antarctic Peninsula

This classic Peninsula trip stands out for its generously proportioned cabins, value for money and stylish 114-passenger ship. Spend 4-5 days experiencing Antarctica’s highlights, with optional camping and kayaking. Complimentary hotel stay in Ushuaia and a parka jacket are nice…

  • 11-12 Days
  • $10,095
Antarctic Fly & Sail Combination

A rare and popular voyage which flies to Antarctica in just two hours, then sails back across the Drake Passage, maximising both expediency and experience. Spend 5 to 7 days exploring Antarctica on a small, purpose-built expedition ship, with kayaking…

  • 9-13 Days
  • $17,895
Onto the Antarctic Ice

With three medium-sized expedition ships to pick from and regular departure dates throughout the season, this well-priced voyage is a popular option. Across striking landscapes and icy seas, your company includes penguins, seals, whales and skuas. For the adventurous, optional…

  • 10-13 Days
  • $10,050

Fly & Cruise

The ultimate shortcut to Antarctica, bypass the Drake Passage and touch down in Antarctica in just two hours. Less sailing, more icebergs.

Special Offers:Swoop has access to the widest range of offers and can help you find the right trip, cabin, & price.

Original Fly & Cruise Luxury Adventure

Fly over the Drake Passage in just 2 hours, both to and from Antarctica. ​Ideal for those ​wanting a high comfort level, but ​who have limited time or ​are ​anxious sailors. ​An outstanding program, successfully operated for over 15 seasons.​…

  • 8 Days
  • $15,995
Original Fly & Cruise Expedition Cruise

Travel with the pioneers of fly & cruise Antarctic voyages, flying in both directions and bypassing a 2-day sail on the Drake Passage. Regular departure dates (Dec - Feb) to choose from. Explore Antarctica aboard a trusty 68-passenger expedition ship…

  • 8 Days
  • $11,495
Antarctic Fly & Cruise Safari

If you’re keen to fly to Antarctica instead of sailing, this 8-day trip is ideal, with a choice of dates in December and January. Travel on outstanding modern expedition ships with a maximum of 140 passengers. Active adventurers can enjoy…

  • 8 Days
  • $16,795
Express Tour of Antarctica

A cost-effective Antarctic adventure. This itinerary is also ideal for those with limited time wanting to combine Antarctica with time exploring Patagonia. Sailing one way and flying back, you get to combine two iconic places: Antarctica and Cape Horn. Note,…

  • 6-7 Days
  • $5,995
Antarctic Fly & Sail Combination

A rare and popular voyage which flies to Antarctica in just two hours, then sails back across the Drake Passage, maximising both expediency and experience. Spend 5 to 7 days exploring Antarctica on a small, purpose-built expedition ship, with kayaking…

  • 9-13 Days
  • $17,895
Fly & Cruise the Antarctic Peninsula

For maximum time in Antarctica with flights both ways, this trip really stands out. An extended fly & cruise voyage spending eight full days actually in Antarctica onboard a small, state-of-the-art expedition ship. Optional kayaking & polar…

  • 12 Days
  • $14,795
Fly-Sail Antarctica & South Georgia

This unique express trip saves time by flying to Antarctica, cutting out 2 sailing days and skipping the Falklands. Maximising your time amid the spectacular wildlife and scenery of Antarctica and South Georgia is the focus of this voyage. The…

  • 17 Days
  • $15,995

Luxury & Fine Dining

Opulent adventuring awaits. Return from a day's exploring to your luxury cabin, private balcony and 5* gourmet meals. The highest levels of service and quality of ship anywhere in Antarctica.

Special Offers:Swoop has access to the widest range of offers and can help you find the right trip, cabin, & price.

Antarctic Peninsula Classic

Travelling on board this extremely comfortable ship, explore the highlights of the peninsula with a top class expedition team. Spacious cabins, delicious cuisine and optional adventure activities all help create this ideal marriage of comfort and…

  • 12-13 Days
  • $10,145
Highlights of the Antarctic Peninsula

Sail to the White Continent aboard one of the most luxurious ships currently available. Unsurpassed comfort and true 5* service are this operator’s hallmarks. From the discreetly attentive, Relais & Chateaux cuisine and 24/7 butler service to the beautifully appointed…

  • 11-14 Days
  • $13,720
Explore the Antarctic Peninsula

Travelling aboard a state-of-the-art small ship and accompanied by unparalleled onboard expertise, expeditionary cruising doesn’t get much better. Regular departures throughout the season and a choice of three outstanding ships renowned for their comfort, enhanced safety features and spirit of…

  • 12 Days
  • $16,810
Explore Antarctica in Comfort

For a fantastic introduction to Antarctica, travelling on board a luxury 108-passenger ship at a very reasonable price, look no further. Very few Antarctic voyages include so much, making this trip a real ‘steal’: Buenos Aires hotel, domestic flights, all…

  • 10 Days
  • $11,795
Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia in Comfort

Travelling aboard a modern, luxury, custom built expedition ship offering cabins with private balconies, excellent amenities, speed through the water and outstanding food, all you’ve got to do is sit back and enjoy the adventure. The all-inclusive price provides very…

  • 16-17 Days
  • $16,210
Swoop Says background image

Alex says

In Wilhelmina Bay a humpback twice the length of the zodiac swam directly beneath us. It then exhaled so close I got a mouthful of shrimp-infused whale 'blow'. It's a taste you don't forget!

Alex Mudd Head of Swoop Antarctica

Antarctic Peninsula Map

Illustrated Guide

The Antarctic Peninsula: FAQs

  • How will I get there?

    The majority of cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula set sail from the Argentine city of Ushuaia. You can fly to Ushuaia direct direct from Buenos Aires (3hr 40min duration) - both LAN and Aerolineas Argentinas run several flights per day. 

    After a night in Ushuaia you embark your Antarctic ship and head out along the sheltered waters of the Beagle Channel.  The crossing to Antarctica takes around two days, although this will very much be influenced by weather conditions.  As you get closer to Antarctica, icebergs drifting north out of the Weddell Sea will start to be sighted. 

    Most cruises first reach the South Shetland Islands, which are part of Antarctica but lie 75 miles west of the Peninsula. This is also where the landing strip is on King George Island for those flying direct from Punta Arenas.

  • How many days is a typical Antarctic Peninsula cruise?

    These Antarctica voyages are typically 10 to 12 days in duration, giving you 4-5 actual days in Antarctica exploring. Some itineraries include a night's hotel accommodation in Ushuaia prior to embarkation on Day 2.

  • Will there be experienced guides and naturalists on board?

    Yes, definitely. Your expeditionary staff are a crucial part of your Antarctic experience, accompanying you throughout. They not only provide set lectures during your voyage, but also add immense value with information and context during actual landings. They're always on hand to answer any questions and are a mine of information on all related subjects.

    Each member of the expeditionary team is an expert in their respective field, many having spent literally years in Antarctica. They report to the expeditionary leader, who along with the ship's captain is responsible for the whole voyage.

    Find out more about what you will do on an Antarctic cruise

  • How much does an Antarctic Peninsula Cruise cost?

    A classic Antarctic Peninsula cruise sailing from Ushuaia typically costs from around $6,000 USD to over $30,000 USD per person based on a twin cabin and depending on the size of ship, category of cabin and comfort level of your ship which you decide upon, and the month in which you travel. If you prefer to fly to Antarctica, you pay a premium for this, with prices from around $11,600 USD per person based on a twin cabin for a similar amount of time in Antarctica.

    Read Swoop's guide to Antarctic costs

  • How far in advance should I start planning my trip?

    Typically you should be looking to book your Antarctic trip at least 12-18 months in advance to be confident of securing your first choice of ship, voyage date and cabin. Many people are surprised by this, being used to booking their holidays with a far shorter lead time, however Antarctic is different and with a finite amount of cabins and boats, those booking late will find their choice significantly reduced from those who plan ahead.

    Find out about early booking incentives

  • What is the weather like on the Antarctic Peninsula?

    The Antarctic Peninsula has it's own climate region which is milder than the rest of Antarctica. Winter temperatures drop to around -10°C while summer highs, generally in January, see temperatures just above freezing. The eastern coast is the driest area of the peninsula and the western coast sees the highest rainfall. During the peak of summer sunlight shines for 20+ hours of the day, winds calm, and skies are often clear – but conditions can always change quickly.

    Perhaps more valuable to know is how the weather lends to distinct experiences of the Peninsula throughout the season. Define when your best time to visit Antarctica might be here.

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How to get to Antarctica

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You're guaranteed to spot gentoo penguins and icebergs on Antarctica Cruises

Antarctica Cruises

We've teamed up with some of the best cruise operators so that you can choose from over 80 cruise itineraries based on your dates, budget and appetite for adventure.

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