5 Reasons to Visit Antarctica in November

  1. The penguins populations in the rookeries are swelling and the birds are busy nest-building and courting
  2. Extensive snow cloaks Antarctica in a ‘pristine whiteness’. Sea ice is still prevalent and at its most impressive
  3. Fantastic photo opportunities - amazing sunsets, noctilucent clouds and spring flowers blooming in The Falklands
  4. Weddell and Fur seals are busy mating, while in South Georgia rowdy beach master Elephant seals are fighting
  5. Albatross, marine fulmars and petrels fly the Drake Passage while Blue-eyed shags return to Antarctica
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Antarctica Cruises - November

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Antarctic Travel in November: FAQs

  • What's the weather like in Antarctica in November?

    November is typified by colder, less predictable weather. Snow isn't uncommon on South Georgia, but makes for great photo opportunities.

    Average temperatures:

  • What wildlife can I see in Antarctica in November?

    Spring has sprung in Antarctica and wildlife numbers begin increasing, particularly with the return of the penguins. On the Antarctic Peninsula the Adelie, Chinstrap and Gentoo penguins are busily engrossed in nest building, pebble stealing and courtship displays in their vast rookeries.

    Humpback whales may be sighted on the Drake Passage on their annual migration south to gorge in Antarctica's krill-rich waters. To the northeast, South Georgia is an exciting place in November as the beaches are packed with rowdy elephant seals offering a visual feast you won't get at any other time of the year.

    There are somewhat fewer king penguins in the rookeries, but they are still in their many, many thousands.

  • Is it cheaper to visit Antarctica in November?

    November is traditionally perceived as a 'shoulder season' month which is reflected in lower prices than in high season (mid-December - early February). Savings by the canny traveller can definitely be made by opting to travel in November, which in our book is a really exciting time to go to Antarctica.

  • Can I fly to Antarctica in November?

    The airstrip on King George Island in the South Shetlands only becomes operational from 1st December, so this month the only way to access Antarctica is by ship, sailing across the Drake Passage.

  • What additional activities are available?

    November is a fantastic month for the active traveller as the snow is at its best, offering ideal conditions for snowshoeing and backcountry skiing. Camping is possible, as is kayaking, but both are chilly.

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