Life before Swoop:

Before joining Swoop, I spent my time playing rugby and working as an engineer in South Africa and New Zealand. Whilst hiking the world famous Tongariro Alpine Crossing over the compound volcano Mt. Tongariro the travel bug truly took hold. This inspired me to pursue my travel goals worldwide. I taught English online for 2 years to people all over the world. During my travels I have embarked on unforgettable adventures into the Namib Desert, sleeping stretched out on the warm Namib sand and getting lost in the beauty of the Milky Way overhead. When I am not throwing a rugby ball around you’ll find me busy planning my next travel adventure!

Why I love travelling:

My fascination with awe-inspiring wildlife and diverse landscapes started in my home nation of South Africa but has expanded as I have explored further afield. Travelling excites me and inspires me. It challenges me and teaches me so much about nature, the world and myself. The most unexpected emotion I have felt whilst travelling was humility; travel puts life into perspective and gives you a fresh lens through which to view the world.

I absolutely love meeting new people, learning new languages and trying different cuisines, though it can be tough to beat a South African braai!

Day to day at Swoop:

As a Polar Consultant I love creating a personalised and fun travel experience for each traveller I chat to. With so many voyages to choose from, I enjoy using my knowledge to match you with the perfect expedition for your interests and requirements. 

Nardus in Antarctica

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