Life before Swoop

Before joining Swoop I travelled all over the world, visiting 6 of the 7 continents. I went to the USA, Europe, Peru, Brazil, Indochina, China, Australia and Africa while working along the way. After nearly five years living in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, I spent some time in the French and Swiss mountains before settling in England and working in tailor-made South American travel for over five years.

You can find me exploring the national parks of northwest England and Scotland, and I love giving back as part of the Mountain Rescue volunteer community. 

Ian at Swoop, Borgen Bay, Antarctica

Why I love travelling

I was from a young age blown away by mountains and endless skies – the vistas that can't quite be captured on film, however hard you try. Mountains run in my blood, and I have spent a lifetime trying to hike as many trails and climb as many peaks as I can at home and abroad.

Travel expands perspective, changes lives and helps people relate to one another, even once they return home. It is wonderful medicine for the body and mind.

Although my heart is always in the mountains, the food, beaches, sea views, wildlife and cultures of the world are a rich tapestry of experience I have an immense passion for.

Ian on recce

My Antarctic experience

Antarctica is one of a kind; nowhere else does the landscape echo in silence so much, nowhere else can glaciers be seen in every direction you look. The scale is vast and the shades of blue seem almost impossible for nature to create. I have travelled the Drake Passage in a storm, landed south of the Antarctic Circle, witnessed orcas hunting humpback whales and dived into the freezing waters myself.

Despite feeling like each day could not be surpassed, Antarctica never fails to present yet another experience that will leave you reeling, from atmospheric polar storms to a close encounter with a leopard seal.  It is a wonderful place teeming with wildlife, breathtaking landscapes and fascinating history, providing endless scope for debate over Antarctica’s future. 

Ian celebrates being on the 7th Continent

Day to day at Swoop

As an Antarctica Sales Manager I love speaking about the continent with those who have yet to experience its wonder. Fitting the perfect ship and itinerary to a customer’s expectations is something both I and Swoop as a company take great pride and passion in, as well as providing an unparalleled world-class service and experience.

Ian at Paradise Harbour in Antarctica

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