About Me

Life before Swoop

While at college I got a scholarship to complete a 4-month work-study program in South Africa. My adventurous side took me hiking to the top of  Table Mountain and cage diving with great whites. I’ve now swum with great whites, lemon sharks and whale sharks – I’m always scoping out my next diving or snorkelling adventure with different sharks! I’m a self-confessed adrenaline junkie, as I will always find the most extreme activity to do during my travels, like skydiving, bungee jumping, white-water rafting or Arctic polar plunging. 

I have worked in the travel industry for over a decade helping customers find their perfect polar voyages, as well as organising luxury group tours. When I’m not getting you excited for an Antarctic expedition, you can find me hiking with my family or at my cottage working on DIY projects. 

Why I love travelling

For me, the thrill of travel is the ability to seek new adventures and knowledge. I love learning new things and taking part in authentic experiences that not only change the way you see the world, but also encourage self-reflection and environmental awareness to help protect and conserve our planet. Though I am a keen wildlife-watcher I would never have considered myself specifically a birdwatcher. Travelling to Svalbard changed that as I found myself constantly referring to the bird guide books onboard and challenging myself to spot them all! 

Visiting the polar regions was always a dream of mine. It’s an escape into wilderness like no other. I love the feeling of being so remote from civilisation; it’s an awe-inspiring sensation. On a previous expedition to Svalbard, I loved being completely immersed in a natural world, spotting reindeer, arctic fox and walrus. The ship was so quiet we were able to anchor and watch dumbstruck as an unperturbed polar bear found a comfortable spot to nap – all to the spectacular backdrop of rugged mountains and craggy glaciers. 

Day to day at Swoop

I spend my days having exciting conversations about Antarctica and understanding what has drawn each individual to this remote and thrilling destination. Is this your last continent to reach? A lifelong dream to see penguin chicks?  Or maybe a fascination with the historical side of Antarctic expeditions? I love hearing everyone's different and unique stories and ensuring I guide you to the right voyage that best suits your travel needs and style.

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