When to arrange insurance

  • We would recommend that you arrange insurance directly after booking not only to protect you as soon as possible but as some insurance policies have exclusions that apply if booked at a later date.

    Travel insurance is a mandatory requirement for all travellers and is not included in the price of your trip.

What your Travel Policy should Include

Swoop Antarctica is not licensed to offer travel insurance or advice.

When reviewing your intended insurance package there are a number of standard requirements every travel policy should include:

  • Cancellation and Curtailment Charges
  • Financial Failure of agent or operator
  • Emergency Medical and Other Expenses including repatriation and any pre-existing medical conditions
  • Hospital Inconvenience Benefit
  • Personal Accident
  • Death
  • Loss of Limb(s)/Sight
  • Permanent Total Disablement
  • Baggage and Passport
  • Personal Money and Documents
  • Personal Liability Journey
  • Disruption including Airspace Closure
  • Delayed Departure or Trip Cancellation
  • Missed Departure/Connection
  • Travel Risks: Hijack/Mugging etc.
  • Legal Expenses

Please note these are general guidelines. For more detailed information on what is required for your specific voyage please refer to your boat operator's terms and conditions, and consider your own individual needs and circumstances.

Arranging insurance
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When travelling to Antarctica it's crucial that your insurance policy includes Emergency Repatriation Cover for a minimum of $100,000, however, some operators may require cover ​of ​up​ ​$250,000.

Insurance according to Nationality

Please note these are general recommendations; when choosing an insurance provider, please refer to your boat operator's terms and conditions and consider your own individual needs and circumstances.