Routes to Antarctica

Join an expeditionary cruise, fly to the Antarctic Peninsula or join the few who've explored Antarctica's vast interior.

Antarctica Cruises

You're guaranteed to spot gentoo penguins and icebergs on Antarctica Cruises

We've teamed up with some of the best cruise operators so that you can choose from over 80 cruise itineraries based on your dates, budget and appetite for adventure.

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Flights to Antarctica

Flights to Antarctica

Established over ten years ago, flying is an increasingly popular way to access Antarctica, particularly if you are short on time or concerned about the sea crossing.

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Experience Antarctica

Press play and immerse yourself in Antarctica's sparkling ice castles, bustling penguin rookeries and beckoning silence...

Where to go on a cruise to Antarctica

Top 6 Antarctica Cruises

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Swoop kept us informed at all times, always happy to deal with queries, the whole thing was pretty much seamless. You may have realised we are now Swoop fans. Read the full review

David Irwin United Kingdom February 2019

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Antarctica exceeded my expectations. I have been dreaming of going to Antarctica for many years, and this was an amazing experience. I would recommend this to anyone with the financial means to get here because while I can try to describe the feeling of stepping on land and watching the animals and listening to the ice cracking, it just needs to be experienced in person.

Christine & Rollence California December 2017

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We booked with Swoop because it was evident in the first phone call that Swoop knew far more about Antarctic travel than an agent recommended by friends. Read the full review

Marc Renzema United States Of America November 2017

Customer Image

I'm back from Antarctica and holy cow, IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE! Thank you so much for all your help in planning the trip.

Renee Seattle February 2017

Customer Image

Someday, I'll tell my grandchildren that I went to a place that was so untouched by man - that it was nature at its best.

Linda Illinois February 2017

Customer Image

From the first moment we booked our trip to Antarctica with Swoop, everything went so well. You can read about Antarctica, people can tell you about it, you can look at countless images, but it is so much more beautiful in reality.

Kim Australia January 2017

Customer Image

It is easy to see that the folks at Swoop are passionate about polar travel and want to share the best experiences with their customers.

Ryan Massachusetts November 2016

Customer Image

Everyone at Swoop was very helpful and professional. Their personal experience in Antarctica made their guidance especially useful. The ship, voyage, and cabin they recommended perfectly fulfilled my needs. Pretty much everything exceeded my expectations.

Ken Florida November 2016

Antarctica is like no other place on earth. Read the full review

Patty (Patricia) Hunt United States Of America February 2020

We saw whales, various types of seals, penguins, and birds. My favorite encounter was w/ a Leopard Seal while kayaking; the seal seemed to be having fun with us, creating waves and swimming quickly underneath the water to change his position before we could snap a photo. We also saw a group of Ocra hunting another whale - it was a magical moment as the sun was setting and we had just finished a BBQ dinner / party on the back deck. Read the full review

George Parson Australia February 2020

I thought it was a once in a lifetime trip. But, I will definitely be going again.... Read the full review

Jodie Pigman United States Of America December 2019

It was an amazing experience from beginning to end. From the booking process to the moment I came back home it was all easy and well organized. Read the full review

Sonia Pazos de Diego Netherlands October 2019

I was really impressed with Swoop and so grateful for the helpful information, advice, support and assistance with all our travel and bookings. The staff were fantastic - so helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. It made for a trouble free, well organized and wondeful trip of a lifetime. Read the full review

Catherine Samuels Australia March 2019

Charlotte's Bay on day 3 exceeded my expectations with her prolific ethereal beauty, including whales frolicking and spouting at nearly every angle of the Bay, as well as vibrant, modern-sculpture like icebergs that surrounded us. We even saw an iceberg invert after seals were feeding around it, as well as an avalanche. I had to pinch myself to assure myself that I was not in heaven! Read the full review

Dennis Roy United States Of America February 2019

Antarctica was everything I could have hoped for and more. It exceeded all expectations. I can't wait to go back! Listen to all of the advice from Swoop and never be afraid to ask them any questions! They're super professional. I appreciate all of the memories that were made possible because of the decision to choose this company and I could not be more grateful! Read the full review

Stephanie Wong United States Of America December 2018

I compliment the Swoop staff for its services all along the way through to the expedition itself. I booked the perfect trip one year in advance thanks to the expertise of the Swoop staff in advising me which trip would best fit my interests. I am still greatly impressed with Swoop's care and the concern you showed in me getting the most out of this experience. Read the full review

Bob Clements United States Of America November 2018

Nothing will prepare you for the life-changing adventure...buckle up and take in the most amazing scenery and wildlife you won't encounter anywhere else in the world, and that's coming from someone who has travelled to over 100 countries. Read the full review

George & Kelly Reichert Canada November 2018

Visiting Antarctica was the most awakening experience I ever had.

Eileen New Jersey March 2017

They say that Life Is Not Measured By the Number of Breaths We Take, But By the Moments That Take Our Breath Away... In Antarctica, there are many such moments. It exceeded expectations.

Avivit Georgia February 2017

Shackleton should have gone with Swoop.

Catherine UK January 2017

Swoop's service was personal, patient and professional throughout with every arrangement working flawlessly. Although we fairly knew what we wanted, Swoop's input helped enormously leading to our being very happy with everything we experienced.

Lesley & Charles UK November 2016

I can say without hesitation that I would be happy to recommend Swoop to anyone contemplating a visit to Antarctica; a once in a lifetime, fantastic experience.

Mike UK December 2015

Antarctica was the most amazing experience of my life. And Swoop were great! Always available to answer questions, provide guidance, whatever I needed.

Leslie USA December 2015

More about Antarctica

How to get to Antarctica by boat

How to get to Antarctica

Discover how to travel to the most remote continent on earth. Study the various adventurous routes, the best way to travel and how long it will take to get to Antarctica. 

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You're guaranteed to spot gentoo penguins and icebergs on Antarctica Cruises

Antarctica Cruises

We've teamed up with some of the best cruise operators so that you can choose from over 80 cruise itineraries based on your dates, budget and appetite for adventure.

Discover More