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Dali's Trip Date:

17th Nov - 3rd Dec 2023

What was your most memorable moment?

When we saw how Chinstrap penguins are able to survive and thrive in Orne Harbor area, we were stunned. Of course, the entire trip was splendid! Everyday experience becomes more and more speechless. At the end, we didn't say anything but purely enjoyed the beauty of such pristine nature.

Which of the following best describes your adventure?

Life changing

On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely is it that you would recommend Swoop to a friend or colleague?

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10 out of 10

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10 out of 10

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Tell us about Zodiac excursions

Zodiac excursions were excellent. Even taking the ride becomes an exciting daily activity. The explore staff eagerly shares their experience with us, taught us what to expect, how to observe, and why we see what we see in South Georgia mountains and landscaping. We never feel danger at all. The most memorable zodiac cruise was when we cruising along the shore of Orne harbor. Because the cool weather, the floating ice blocked the water way for us to land. The explore staff had tried hard to make each moment worth and meaningful. In such a bad weather, they still took us to tour the harbor, cruised slowly among the floating ices and explained the situation. We really appreciate what they have done.

Tell us about the expedition team

We really feel fortunate having such knowledgeable and friendly expedition team being our zodiac driver and explore guide in our voyage, which guided us through our each ride to appreciate the beauty, geology, ecology, and animal life of South Georgia Island and Antarctic peninsula. Their knowledge lets us to experience so many breathtaking moments, like male fur seal blocking female seal from running away, humpback whale breathing, brown skuas stealing an egg from chinstrap penguins, ..... All of these made our excursions much more spectacular...

Tell us about the Magellan Explorer

We like this chi very much. It is new, clean, and very comfortable. Every time, after our meals and excursions, when we entered the cabin, we feel like we are at home. The foods were excellent. I enjoyed each meal. The crew members were so nice and also addressed our name and have happy smelling face. After each excursion, they served us hot towels and hot chocolates. Yes, everything not only meet our expectation, actually way beyond our expectation. If I travel in the South Pole or North pole region, I would like to use this ship again if it is possible.

Something Else?

One thing has confused us. During our booking, we was told that our booking included one kayaking excursion. However, on the ship, when we tried to join the kayaking program, we were told that we need to pay extra during booking. Later, when we showed our booking details to expedition team, they could not explain why our names were never passed to the kayaking program list even though it was stated in our booking document.

Do you have any tips or advice for other people planning a trip to Antarctica?

Items in the gift shop are very limited and also quite expensive. Actually, some refrigerator magnets can be small nice gift for the ship because the ship is a unique one.

Has your experience changed your perspective in any way?

This experience changes my life in many perspective ways. To respect and preserve nature is the ultimate one though we do wonder if so many people would like to travel in that region, whether is tourist business will introduce unnecessary stresses to the animals which are living there!?

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