Top 5 Reasons for Exploring the Ross Sea

  1. Be one of very few to visit one of the remotest places on the planet
  2. Follow in Scott, Amundsen and Shackleton's footsteps to the Bay of Whales
  3. Experience nature on a grand scale, a hauntingly beautiful and austere region
  4. A rare chance to visit the little known Sub-Antarctic Islands en-route
  5. Explore the historic huts from the 'Heroic era' and other sacred places in Antarctic history

Exploring the Ross Sea

The most common departure points for Antarctica are from Ushuaia (Argentina) and Punta Arenas (Chile) in South America. However there are a small number of Antarctic voyages ​each season ​that sail from New Zealand.

These ​expeditionary ​voyages ​depart ​for the Ross Sea, an extraordinary and little visited region of Antarctica, visiting the Sub-Antarctic island en route.

​Both ​Amundsen and Scott ​set out from here to ​be the first to reach ​the South ​P​ole​ , and to this day the wooden ​'Historic ​huts​'​ that they built as base camps ​are maintained and can be visited as part of these voyages.


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Ross Sea Voyages

Exploring the Ross Sea: FAQs

  • How much does it cost? And why is it more than going to other parts of Antarctica?

    These voyages start from $20,000 USD per person, depending on cabin category. Compared to shorter cruises from the toe of South America to the Antarctic Peninsula, these Ross Sea voyages appear at first glance considerably more expensive. However, you need to bear in mind that any voyage to the Ross Sea is considerably longer than to the Peninsula due to the greater distances to be covered, the logistics are much more complicated operating in one of the world's genuinely most remote regions, the boats tend to be smaller with fewer passengers and the operating costs are generally higher, particularly if the ship is required to push through ice.

  • Where does the voyage start and end?

    Typically these Ross Sea voyages start and end on New Zealand's South Island. Christchurch is the nearest international airport, otherwise internal flights connect with the capital Auckland on the North Island.

  • When should I book?

    With so few departures each year and so much interest these voyages book up over two years in advance and there is always a wait list. So you need to plan well ahead and prepare to be patient, however it will be worth it!

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