About Me

Life before Swoop 

Prior to joining Swoop, I worked in adventure travel for 15 years, helping avid explorers like myself plan unforgettable marine adventures worldwide, including trips to the glorious polar regions. I also helped create exciting hiking and cycling trips for those who didn’t have the best sea legs!  

I am a true foodie and enjoy learning about different ethnic foods. I always try to take a hands-on cooking class when visiting a new country to really delve into the local cuisine.

I have been vegan for over a decade, which sometimes presents difficulties in more remote destinations, but I am always up to the challenge of sourcing fresh produce and a spin on a traditional meal.

Why I love travelling 

Wildlife and cultural experiences are a big part of why I love travelling. My trip to the Canadian Arctic and Greenland ticked both of those boxes. Witnessing a polar bear swim from iceberg to iceberg completely unperturbed by our breathless excitement was a priceless experience. He even got out on top of the ice for a quick photoshoot! Elsewhere, learning more about the skills required for knuckle hop, kneel jump and other games people in the northern part of my own Canadian backyard play was riveting, and fun to have a go at myself.

Witnessing a whale surface while kayaking in the Davis Strait is something I will never forget. Time stands still in those moments – truly spine-tingling. The icebergs in the Ilulissat Icefjord region of Greenland are towering art sculptures. It’s hard to believe that we are only seeing about 10% of the overall size of them on top of the surface!

Day to day at Swoop

Talking to fellow polar enthusiasts about different ways they can experience Antarctica is the best part of my day. Let’s face it, a trip to Antarctica is usually once in a lifetime, and people are over-the-moon excited to be finally planning the trip they have dreamed about for years.

Helping make that dream into a reality is rewarding and joyful!

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