Life before Swoop

Growing up with an outdoor lifestyle, my childhood was spent exploring rugged Cornish beaches on family holidays. This fostered a lifelong love for all things ocean and wildlife related. In 2012 I set off on a solo trip to South East Asia and Australasia. What I thought might be just a 6 month trip turned into living abroad for 10 years! New Zealand, Australia and, most recently, Thailand were all called home during this time. I've been lucky enough to have worked extensively as an underwater videographer in Thailand, alongside other weird and wonderful jobs in the travel industry along the way.

Why I love polar travel

Nothing beats getting out into nature and getting off the beaten track. What better place to explore and discover than the ends of the earth! If, like me, you are passionate about travel and experiencing pristine wilderness environments then this is the ultimate destination. With my background in scuba-diving, I'm fascinated by that feeling of being dwarfed by an all-encompassing environment and getting that perspective of the vastness and little-explored beauty of Earth's natural wonders. This is definitely also a sensation that visitors to Antarctica experience when surrounded by massive icebergs or cruising past never-ending rows of glaciers, stretching off as far as the eye can see. 

My polar experience

On my most recent voyage I experienced Antarctica in all its glory, with the 7th continent in pristine condition and shining like diamonds. It was a joy to witness the bustling wildlife and soak up the breathtaking scenery.  The highlight being the moment a pod of 25 orcas swam right up to our ship in the late evening, the sun having just set below the horizon. It’s a moment I will never forget! For keen photographers like myself, the Antarctic Peninsula is the gift that keeps on giving. I still look back at the photos and pinch myself as a reminder that I was the one standing there, immersed in this incredible destination, at the end of the world.

Day to day at Swoop

As part of the Antarctica team I thoroughly enjoy helping people find the right trip for them. There's an abundance of information within our amazing team of polar specialists and we are here to help find your perfect voyage to the 7th Continent!

Daniel in Antarctica

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