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Scott's Trip Date:

19th Dec - 31st Dec 2023

What was your most memorable moment?

First stop in the Shetland Islands. The hike around penguins was outstanding. We saw penguins sitting on eggs, sitting on baby penguins, and even saw a penguin hatch. The sounds of the penquins was joyful. Excellent start to a week of adventure.

Which of the following best describes your adventure?

Life changing

On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely is it that you would recommend Swoop to a friend or colleague?

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10 out of 10

On a scale of 0 to 10, how would you rate your trip: Antarctic Explorer?

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10 out of 10

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Tell us about Zodiac excursions

They made is feel very safe. Every zodiac trip was great. Pilots made every effort to find wild life and scenic sites. Drivers were also very knowledgeable about the Antarctic and its wildlife. On one trip we say numerous humpback whales that were beautiful and graceful to watch.

Tell us about the expedition team

Quark expedition team was fabulous. The were energetic, friendly and helpful. Enjoyed having dinner with a number of team members and it was fascinating to hear of the adventures that led them to being expedition team members. Our paddle leader made our paddling adventure fun and meaningful leading us into a floating icefield so that we could hear the sound of oxygen being released from the melting ice. It was very cool, pun intended. On Christmas day we went on a long zodiac cruise that eventually brought us to a team on another zodiac with hot chocolate. A Christmas to remember.

Tell us about the Ocean Adventurer

Cabin was not fancy but very adequate. The food was excellent and the service was top notch. An excellent ship for an expedition.

Tell us about the Paddling

Paddling was extremely enjoyable. Paddled through an ice field so we could hear the oxygen being released from glacier ice. The views from the kayaks were wonderful. Our guide was incredible. One of the top excursions of the week, and all of the excursions were wonderful.

Tell us about the Camping

Enjoyed the campout. We stayed toasty warm and have great bragging rights.

Has your experience changed your perspective in any way?

I very much enjoy doing over just seeing sights. The expedition cruise is perfect for hiking, paddling, zodiac riding while you get to see the brilliant untouched views of Antarctica. We have seen some amazing sites around the world. This trip is at the top.

How prepared and excited for Antarctica did you feel?

Over prepared.

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