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Onto the Antarctic Ice

With four medium-sized expedition ships and regular departure dates throughout the season, this well priced voyage is a popular option. Across striking landscapes and icy seas your company will include penguins, seals, whales and skuas. For the adventurous, optional kayaking or camping come highly recommended by past customers.

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Onto the Antarctic Ice

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Trip type

Antarctic Peninsula

Trip length

10-13 Days


$7,900 -$15,400

Ship Comfort

Comfort & Adventure

Onto the Antarctic Ice - 10-13 - $7,900

Trip Summary and Itinerary Map

  • 4-5 full days in Antarctica = 8-10 planned ‘off ship’ excursions depending on your preferred departure
  • Wide selection of well priced voyages to choose from
  • Kayaking & camping. Diving on limited departures (additional cost for each)
  • Complimentary snowshoeing on early season departures when snow conditions allow

Start from Ushuaia and end at Ushuaia

Landmarks potentially visited on Onto the Antarctic Ice

Operator's Itinerary

Day 1 - Ushuaia; The End of the World:

Where the world drops off, in Ushuaia, your voyage begins. Located on the far southern tip of South America, Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world. Starting in the afternoon, we embark our vessel and sail from “The End of the World,” into the mountain-fringed Beagle Channel for the remainder of the evening.

Days 2 & 3 - Drake Passage:

Over the next two days, you’ll enjoy some of the same experiences encountered by the great polar explorers who first charted these regions:rolling seas, cool salt breezes maybe even a fin whale spouting up sea spray. After passing through the Antarctic Convergence – Antarctica’s natural boundary, where north-flowing cold waters collide with warmer sub-Antarctic seas – you are in the circum-Antarctic upwelling zone. Both marine life and avian life changes here. Wandering albatrosses, grey-headed albatrosses, black-browed albatrosses, light-mantled sooty albatrosses, cape pigeons, southern fulmars, Wilson’s storm petrels, blue petrels, and Antarctic petrels are a few of the birds you might see.

Days 4 to 7: Entering Antarctica

Towers of broken blue-white ice and grey stone peaks sketched with snow welcome you to Antarctica. You first pass the snow-capped Melchior Islands and Schollaert Channel, before sailing between Brabant and Anvers Islands.

Sites you may visit include:  

Danco Island – There are gentoo penguins nesting on the island, and Weddell and crabeater seals to be found nearby.

Neko Harbour – With mammoth glaciers and endless wind-carved snow, Neko Harbour offers opportunities for a zodiac cruise and a landing that affords the closest views of the surrounding alpine peaks.

Paradise Bay – You may be able to take a zodiac cruise in the ice-flecked waters, with a good chance that you’ll encounter humpback and minke whales. 

Pléneau & Petermann Islands – If the ice allows, you could sail through the Lemaire Channel, searching for Adélie penguins and blue-eyed shags. You may also encounter humpback and minke whales here, as well as leopard seals.

Port Lockroy – We sail through the Neumayer Channel, onto Port Lockroy. A former British research station, Port Lockroy is now a museum and post office, found on Goudier Island. Around Jougla Point, you’ll be meeting gentoo penguins and blue-eyed shags and there are also great opportunities for kayaking and camping here, and when conditions are right, you can even snowshoe around the shore.

Wilhelmina Bay & Guvernøren  – A great place to spot humpback whales, you also may embark on a zodiac trip ending at the ghostly wreck of the Guvernøren, a whaling vessel that caught fire here in 1915. Amid a frozen landscape, around the Melchior Islands, you may encounter more whales, leopard and crabeater seals. Conditions on the Drake Passage will determine the exact time of our departure.

Days 8 & 9 - Return to Ushuaia:

Our return voyage is far from lonely; while crossing the Drake, the vast array of seabirds from the passage south will greet us again, but this time, they will seem a little more familiar to you.

Day 10 - Ushuaia:

Our adventure must eventually come to an end, and it’s now time to disembark in Ushuaia. You will depart with memories that will accompany you wherever your next adventure lies.

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What our customers think of Onto the Antarctic Ice

Onto the Antarctic Ice trips scored 4.7/5 from 55 reviews

Epic!! It was outstanding. I would highly recommend this trip to Antarctica.

Travelled: November 2019

Stacey Rieger - United States Of America

This was absolutely the right cruise for us and I've already recommended it to several people. It exceeded my expectations. Being able to experience nature in its natural state was a once in a lifetime experience. All of the crew on the ship were wonderful.

Travelled: January 2018

Karyn & Richard - California

It was a perfect choice. For the price, we paid we definitely feel the trip delivered. You always have to remember: mother nature is in charge. The crew was professional and made sure we were always informed, well prepared and well educated before every excursion.

Travelled: January 2018

Zoltan & Stephen Nemeth - Florida

Excursions were the highlights of the trip. I can't point a finger to any of them saying that one was the best. They were all fantastic!

Travelled: January 2018

Zoltan & Stephen Nemeth - Florida

Penguins were definitely the highlight. I could have watched them for hours. Lemaire Channel was spectacular though we had to turn around at the end due to iceberg blocking the way. We saw many whales - fin, humpback and orca.

Travelled: March 2017

Nathalie Lemaire - United States Of America

We landed at Paradise Bay and walked across a pebble beach while penguins and seals were cavorting and inquisitive. Our first real ice walk. Spotted our first adelie among the gentoo penguins!

Travelled: March 2017

Graham and Angela - UK

Our trip was amazing!! Crew and Expedition leaders were AWESOME! Very professional and always placed safety first.

Travelled: December 2018

Josie & Carmen Castro - Canada

Outstanding. The best of our 25 cruises, though this is more of an "expedition" than a cruise. This is an adventure of a lifetime. Highly recommended.

Travelled: November 2019

Michael Wims - United States Of America

The expedition team was amazing! The team had such a great variety of experience and backgrounds. They were friendly and helpful, and if they didn't know the answer to a question, they would find out.

Travelled: December 2021

Claire Torrey - USA

We saw whales, various types of seals, penguins, and birds. My favorite encounter was w/ a Leopard Seal while kayaking; the seal seemed to be having fun with us, creating waves and swimming quickly underneath the water to change his position before we could snap a photo. We also saw a group of Ocra hunting another whale - it was a magical moment as the sun was setting and we had just finished a BBQ dinner / party on the back deck.

Travelled: February 2020

George Parson - Australia

10/10 - The trip is totally amazing.

Travelled: December 2022

Manuel Gutierrez - USA

It is a jam-packed day with 2 outings each day, you wake up in a different location and during lunch you're moving again. Was it cold? Yes but it was so worth it!

Travelled: December 2022

Chelsea Davis - USA

Our ship encountered a huge group of feeding humpback whales. We were surrounded by them for approx. 1.5 hours as we watched them feed, play, breech, was an enchanting experience. I never thought I would be so up-close to these beautiful creatures.

Travelled: December 2021

Claire Torrey - USA

10/10 - From the initial orientation to the care taken of passengers on the ship and outings, the food, the educational presentations, the view of Antartica provided all exceeded my expectations.

Travelled: December 2022

Linda Nolte - USA

SO MANY PENGUINS. SEALS. WHALES. Birds. But really SO MANY PENGUINS. When they promised penguins I thought it was one of those "you nearly always see a couple" but no, we saw thousands upon thousands of them. I saw gentoo, chinstrap, and even a handful of Adelie. I wasn't expecting the variety of other birds either!

Travelled: December 2021

Steve Alpert - USA

The expedition team was extremely knowledgeable and made an effort to interact with each of the guests creating a very welcoming environment.

Travelled: December 2021

Amy Smith - USA

The expedition team were experts in their fields and provided a lot of great information during their lectures. This was a truly accessible tour and trip. Their team was willing to help everyone regardless of the ability.

Travelled: December 2022

Natalie Dewberry-Moore - USA

The guides were amazing and knowledgeable. The Zodiac provided opportunities for close encounters with the land and sea of Antarctica.

Travelled: December 2021

Jade Griffin - USA

The scenery and wildlife were terrific and it was a pleasure to meet with many of the passengers on the boat. The experience was very much as expected and greatly enjoyed. I felt that we were given expert information before going ashore each time, as well as informative lectures throughout the trip.

Travelled: February 2018

Charles & Denise - UK

They worked tirelessly to ensure all passengers had daily activities and fun. I felt like they never took a day off and I'm so glad to have met such smart and caring individuals.

Travelled: December 2021

Jade Griffin - USA

Every member of the team brought a different focus to our experience. They were engaging, passionate and worked very hard to ensure we had the best experience possible.

Travelled: December 2022

Rebecca Brown - USA

It was amazing to be able to see penguins and other birds, plus seals up-close on the excursions. We also saw lots of wildlife from the ship.

Travelled: December 2021

Claire Torrey - USA

All the guides and crew were very well prepared and knowledgeable. The expedition is very well planned even for weather changes. The food aboard is great, the zodiac cruising, landings were exceptional. The kayaking experience was the best with great kayaking guides in beautiful locations.

Travelled: December 2022

Christian Cancino Martinez - USA

Loved the trip. Weather was good for the first four days after arrival. Staff and guides were top notch. Very calm, capable and knowledgeable.

Travelled: January 2018

Nancy Stagner - United States Of America

An unique, once in a life time experience.

Travelled: December 2021

Xin Jing - USA

The expedition team were very knowledgeable and friendly. The lectures were great (ice, whales, seals, icebergs, weather, Antarctic politics, etc.). They were highly skilled with the Zodiacs which gave us the peace to enjoy the cruising.

Travelled: December 2022

Christian Cancino Martinez - USA

10/10 - I’ve wanted to go to Antarctica for about 18 years. It was a bucket list adventure. I was able to camp, cruise the Antarctica waters, and kayak around glaciers and icebergs.

Travelled: December 2022

Natalie Dewberry-Moore - USA

I really enjoyed seeing all of the wildlife on this trip. We saw dolphins chasing the boat. We got up close and personal with humpback whales. We saw orcas chasing or playing with seals and hunting penguins in the sea.

Travelled: March 2017

Eileen - New Jersey

The almost untouched and surreal scenery and unique wildlife experiences have me wanting to look into Arctic expeditions!

Travelled: December 2021

Mohit Kallianpur - USA

I feel so fortunate to have been able to experience this clean and unspoiled part of the earth. It has inspired our family to pay even more attention to environmental issues than before. This is due in part to the education and exposure to the issues by the Expedition Team's lectures and conversations, as well as just the experience of being there and seeing in person.

Travelled: December 2021

Claire Torrey - USA

10/10 - It was incredible.

Travelled: December 2022

Bryna Chadwick - USA

We were very pleased with Swoop and were thrilled with the quick and helpful responses we received from you. The cabin and voyage recommended were perfect for us.

Travelled: January 2018

Nancy - North Carolina

The expedition team was PHENOMENAL. They were educated, kind, timely, and responsible. They were extremely knowledgeable and if they did not know something, they had the documents to look it up.[...] This was the best staff we have ever had on a trip!

Travelled: December 2021

Lisa Weeks - USA

Most memorable moment: Waking up the first day in Antarctica with the sun shining, surrounding mountains covered in snow, porpoising penguins, and beautiful blue waters.

Travelled: December 2022

Charlie Barchett - USA

The voyage lived up to the expectations and the crew were knowledgeable, committed to the sanctity of Antarctica. Completely satisfied - food was excellent.

Travelled: December 2017

Pauline - Australia

As the days continued with lectures, landings, and Zodiac cruises, nothing was less than perfect. Each lecture was exactly the time it was supposed to be. Each meal was hot and delicious. Each landing we got a greeting from Sara letting us know about where we were. Each Zodiac cruise had a leader that knew what they were doing and took care of us.

Travelled: December 2021

Lisa Weeks - USA

The staffs are amazing - very knowledgeable and professional. All lectures that I attended were given by excellent speakers.

Travelled: December 2021

Xin Jing - USA


About The Ship

  • One of the world's only Polar Class 6 vessels - the most advanced rating
  • Lecture room offers interactive workshops and exhibitions
  • Exceeds the latest green requirements
  • Modern in décor with a cosy and informal atmosphere
  • Sheltered Zodiac boarding zone for easier entry into the boats
  • Camping, kayaking, hiking

Prices, Departures and Inclusions

Prices quoted below are per person based on 2 people sharing. Cabin availability changes all the time so please contact us for up-to-date details and information on specific cabin availability.



Additional Notes

Please note, departures on the following dates are:

  • 11 days long: 01 Feb-2023, 07-Dec-2023, 05-Jan-2024, 22-Jan-2024, 03-Feb-2024 
  • 12 days long: 11-Feb-2023 - with a Weddell Sea focus

Single Supplement And Child Policy

For those travelling solo and want their own cabin, the single supplement is 1.7 times the cost of a single berth, please contact us for details. However there is no single supplement for passengers willing to share a cabin. 

Children aged 3 years old or over are welcome. On select departures, children under 16 may receive a 40% discount, please contact us for details.

Optional Adventure Activities

Enhance your trip with the following add ons. Limited places per activity.
Get in contact to check availability.

Activity Cost Additional Information
Add on icon Camping Camping $195 Departures from Nov - Feb. Equipment provided. Select departures. USD $195 for 2022/23 season. USD $215 for 2023/24 season.
Add on icon Kayaking Kayaking $450 Basic competency required. Select departures. USD $450 for 2022/23 season. USD $550 for 2023/24 season.
Add on icon Polar diving Polar diving $480 Limited spaces available. Cold water and dry suit experience required. Select departures USD $480 for 2022/23 season. USD $640 for 2023/24 season.
Add on icon Snowshoeing Snowshoeing Complimentary Select departures (2022/23 season only). As long as snow conditions allow. Snowshoes provided.


  • Voyage aboard the vessel as indicated in the itinerary
  • Accommodation and meals during the voyage on full board
  • All shore excursions and zodiac activities
  • Educational lectures by expert onboard polar guides
  • Access to an onboard doctor and basic medical services
  • Loan of rubber boots and snowshoes for the voyage's duration
  • Luggage transfer from pick-up point to the vessel on the day of embarkation, in Ushuaia
  • Pre-scheduled group transfer from the vessel to the airport in Ushuaia (directly after disembarkation)
  • Comprehensive pre-departure information
  • Port taxes and any entry fees to landing sites


  • Flights to and from points of embarkation/disembarkation
  • Any additional pre/post land services, including meals
  • Transfers not specified in the itinerary
  • Optional adventure activities (e.g. kayaking)
  • Visa, passport and any vaccination expenses
  • Airport arrival or departure taxes
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Items of a personal nature - laundry, beverages, etc
  • Customary staff gratuity at the end of the voyage
  • Additional onboard purchases (i.e. gift shop)

Questions about this Voyage?