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Antarctic Explorer

The great strength of this trip is choice - the widest selection of departure dates and optional adventure activities available across four first-rate ice-strengthened ships (128 to 199 guests). Spend a minimum of four full days exploring Antarctica. Enjoy daily shore landings and zodiac excursions encountering spectacular icebergs and wildlife at close quarters.

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Antarctic Explorer

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Trip type

Antarctic Peninsula

Trip length

11–12 Days


$10,795 -$45,595

Ship Comfort

Comfort & Adventure

Antarctic Explorer - 11–12 - $10,795

Trip Summary and Itinerary Map

  • 11–12 days in length, depending on which departure you choose
  • Minimum of four full days exploring Antarctica with daily shore-based landings and zodiac excursions
  • Choice of four outstanding ships, with capacity for 128–199 guests depending on which you choose
  • Optional adventure activities on select departures: Camping, kayaking, paddle boarding, mountaineering & cross country skiing (limited places, additional cost for each)
  • Complimentary parka jacket + loan of boots

Start from Ushuaia and end at Ushuaia

Landmarks visited on Antarctic Explorer

Operator's Itinerary

Day 1: Ushuaia, Argentina

With a population of more than 70,000 people, Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world. The city has grown over the past few years, yet it has retained an easy going and accessible feel. With the sea to the south and mountains to the north, Ushuaia is a spectacular departure point for your Antarctic cruise. If you arrive early, you can spend some time in the nearby Tierra del Fuego National Park, enjoy some Argentinian wines and barbecues in the city, or visit the many boutique shops and cafes before you leave for your expedition to Antarctica.

Day 2: Embarkation Day

Embarkation will occur in the late afternoon, after which your vessel will sail down the historic Beagle Channel. This famous channel transects the Tierra del Fuego archipelago in the extreme south of South America. Expect an air of excitement as you depart - the next time you see land you'll be in the world's most southern continent!

Days 3-4: At sea towards Antarctica

Prepare yourself for potentially rough water, but hope for a smooth sailing as the Drake is unpredictable and always changing. You'll spend these first days getting to know your shipmates while we'll provide safety briefings and insights into what excitement lies ahead.

Days 5-8: Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands

When the Antarctic Convergence is left in our wake, you will truly begin your Antarctic adventure. It is perhaps the first sight of land itself that is embraced as the true beginning of any Antarctic expedition.

You can begin to appreciate why this region has long captivated the attention of explorers and travellers alike. Every time we visit Antarctica we witness something new or unexpected, meaning your expedition will be unlike any other - creating a unique, personal experience. We will take zodiac excursions from the ship to explore bays, channels and landing sites each day. With wildlife always at the forefront of our minds, you will visit penguin rookeries, scout for humpback and minke whales and search for a number of the southern seal species, including the cunning leopard seal.

The majesty of the Peninsula's mountains will enchant you as you scramble up snowy pathways to vantage points offering you 360 views of your surroundings. One of these in particular, in Orne Harbour, gives the opportunity to visit a chinstrap penguin colony high up on a ridge. Here you'll have the choice between going for a mountain hike or spending time sitting quietly on a pebbled beach to enjoy the antics of curious penguins. If you're feeling extra adventurous, participating in the Polar Plunge swim is about as crazy as it gets! Amidst the serene silence of Antarctica, noisy interludes now become indelible memories, such as penguins squabbling over prized pebbles or the boom and crack of a calving glacier in Neko Harbour.

Every day will be different, having been carefully crafted by your Expedition Team so as to entertain and educate you about this wonderful part of the world.

Days 9-10: At sea towards Ushuaia

The journey back across the Drake Passage provides you with some final opportunities to enjoy the crisp Antarctic air. Spend time on the deck watching for seabirds and scouting for whales, enjoy a few final presentations by your Expedition Team or simply relax and reminisce about your experiences.

Day 11: Disembarkation in Ushuaia

You will arrive in Ushuaia in the morning allowing for you to continue your adventure on land or catch your flights home.

NOTE: This itinerary is for guidance only as each voyage will vary depending on ice and weather conditions, and opportunities to see wildlife. Flexibility is key and all part of the adventure of an expeditionary cruise.

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What our customers think of Antarctic Explorer

Antarctic Explorer trips scored 4.8/5 from 15 reviews

The expedition staff on the boat were absolutely amazing people with fascinating qualifications and knowledge, they made this trip incredible for all of us.

Travelled: December 2017

Elizabeth - Utah

The whole trip was way beyond my expectations and the most amazing experience of my life!!! The Zodiac excursions were absolutely thrilling. Anybody thinking about this trip...Just do it!

Travelled: February 2017

Wendy - Florida

The captain did a great job of maximising our time off the ship, and we were able to make a total of 7 landings/excursions. Every one was different, with new wildlife, geology, and breathtaking views.

Travelled: November 2016

Ryan - Massachusetts

A simply stellar experience all around. The ship was beautiful, the crew and the expedition team were the kindest people on the planet. The travel companions were excited and fun. The scenery was a beauty not expected to be seen on our planet. The food was amazing. And the wildlife provided an unexpected level of joy and awe.

Travelled: December 2016

Arvat - Virginia

The highlight of the trip is being remote and off the grid for a week. It gave us the chance to soak in an untouched part of the world. The landscapes were dramatic and opened our eyes to another part of the world. The people, crew members and expedition staff all made the trip extra memorable. The staff were professional and made sure everyone on board was safe, happy, and had fun.

Travelled: December 2017

Dominic & Jennifer - New York

It was an incredible and awe-inspiring place. The place met my expectations and the encounters there exceeded my expectations.

Travelled: March 2018

Kushal - UAE

Getting to see so much unique wildlife up close was definitely one of the highlights of the trip, aside from the amazing landscapes.

Travelled: December 2019

Mark Jongewaard - United States Of America

About The Ship

  • A 3-4* expedition vessel for 132 guests
  • A spacious ship with extensive public areas
  • High 1A ice class
  • Rounded stern & stabilisers = superior stability
  • Optional kayaking & camping available on selected depatures
  • Complimentary jacket & loan of rubber boots

What I liked most were this ship’s vast outer decks - brilliant for spotting wildlife - and her superior stability.

Alex Mudd Polar Specialist

Prices, Departures and Inclusions

Prices quoted below are per person based on 2 people sharing. Cabin availability changes all the time so please contact us for up-to-date details and information on specific cabin availability.




Triple Twin Porthole Twin Window Suite Owner's Suite Single Superior Twin Twin Deluxe Veranda Suite Grand Suite
October 2022
31-Oct-2022 Full Full $16,895 $24,495 $30,595 Full $21,995 Full $18,895 Full offer available Enquire
November 2022
9-Nov-2022 $15,895 Full $20,995 $30,595 $37,795 Full Full Full $23,495 Full offer available Enquire
19-Nov-2022 $11,295 Full $16,695 Full $23,595 Full $20,395 $21,995 $15,495 Full offer available Enquire
27-Nov-2022 Full Full Full Full Full Full Full Full Full Full offer available Enquire
28-Nov-2022 Full* Full $15,895 Full $22,495 Full $19,395 $20,995 $14,795 Full offer available Enquire
December 2022
18-Dec-2022 Full Full $19,295 $27,895 Full Full $25,195 Full $21,395 Full offer available Enquire
27-Dec-2022 Full Full $20,895 Full Full Full $26,095 Full $23,095 Full offer available Enquire
28-Dec-2022 Full Full $17,195 $23,995 $25,695 Full $18,295 Full Full Full offer available Enquire
January 2023
6-Jan-2023 Full* Full $15,895 $21,995 $23,495 Full $16,895 Full Full Full offer available Enquire
8-Jan-2023 Full Full $19,295 Full $27,895 Full $23,995 $25,695 $18,795 Full offer available Enquire
9-Jan-2023 Full $14,295 $14,795 Full Full $17,395 Full Full Full Full offer available Enquire
17-Jan-2023 Full Full Full Full Full Full Full Full Full Full offer available Enquire
18-Jan-2023 Full $14,995 $15,495 $17,695 $18,795 $17,695 Full Full Full Full offer available Enquire
18-Jan-2023 $17,195 Full $22,595 $32,795 Full $24,095 Full Full $22,595 $45,595 offer available Enquire
26-Jan-2023 $12,795 Full $18,395 Full $26,595 Full $22,995 Full $17,895 Full offer available Enquire
27-Jan-2023 $10,795* $14,795 $15,895 $21,995 $23,495 Full $16,895 $16,895 Full Full offer available Enquire
February 2023
26-Feb-2023 Full $12,795 $13,295 $14,795 $15,895 $15,295 Full Full Full Full offer available Enquire
March 2023
5-Mar-2023 Full Full Full Full Full Full Full Full Full Full offer available Enquire
6-Mar-2023 Full $13,295 $14,295 $19,895 $21,495 Full $14,795 $14,795 Full Full offer available Enquire
7-Mar-2023 Full $13,395 $13,995 $15,495 $16,695 $15,995 Full Full Full Full offer available Enquire
November 2023
5-Nov-2023 $12,995 Full $15,995 Full $22,495 Full $19,495 $20,495 $14,995 Full Enquire
December 2023
2-Dec-2023 $11,495 Full $15,495 $21,995 $23,495 Full $16,495 $16,495 Full Full Enquire
6-Dec-2023 $17,495 Full $20,495 $29,995 $36,995 $28,995 $26,995 $27,995 $22,995 $40,995 offer available Enquire
11-Dec-2023 $11,495 $14,495 $15,495 $21,995 $23,495 Full $16,495 $16,495 Full Full Enquire
13-Dec-2023 $11,495 $13,495 $13,995 $15,995 $16,495 $15,995 Full Full Full Full Enquire
17-Dec-2023 Full Full $18,995 $26,995 $33,495 $26,495 $24,495 $25,495 $20,495 Full Enquire
20-Dec-2023 $12,495 $15,495 $16,995 $23,995 $25,495 Full $17,995 $17,995 Full Full Enquire
26-Dec-2023 $15,995 Full $18,995 $26,995 $33,495 $26,495 $24,495 Full $20,495 $37,495 Enquire
29-Dec-2023 $12,495 $15,495 $16,995 $23,995 $25,495 Full $17,995 $17,995 Full Full Enquire
January 2024
4-Jan-2024 $15,495 Full $18,495 $25,995 $32,495 $25,495 $23,495 Full $19,995 $35,995 Enquire
12-Jan-2024 $12,495 $14,495 $14,995 $17,495 $17,995 $17,495 Full Full Full Full Enquire
20-Jan-2024 $15,995 Full $19,495 Full $27,995 Full $24,495 $25,995 $18,995 Full Enquire
29-Jan-2024 $15,995 Full $19,495 Full $27,995 Full $24,495 $25,995 $18,995 Full Enquire
February 2024
3-Feb-2024 $15,495 $18,495 $19,995 $25,995 $32,495 $25,495 $23,495 $24,495 Full $35,995 Enquire
12-Feb-2024 $15,495 Full $18,495 $25,995 $32,495 $25,495 $23,495 $24,495 $19,995 $35,995 Enquire
21-Feb-2024 $15,495 Full $18,495 $25,995 $32,495 $25,495 $23,495 $24,495 $19,995 $35,995 Enquire
29-Feb-2024 $11,495 $13,495 $13,995 $15,995 $16,495 $15,995 Full Full Full Full Enquire
March 2024
5-Mar-2024 $12,995 Full $15,995 Full $22,495 Full $19,495 $20,495 $14,995 Full Enquire

* Note: Prices are per person. Paid in USD ($) - figure above is based on today's exchange rate. Actual cost $10795

Additional Notes

Please note:

  • The departure on 27-Dec-2022 is 12 days long
  • The departures on 09-Nov-2022, 18-Jan-2023 (2nd departure in pricing table above) and 06-Dec-2023 are 13 days long and include visits to Cape Horn and Diego Ramirez

For 2022/23 season: 31-Oct-2022, 09-Nov-2022, 18-Dec-2022, 27-Dec-2022 and 18-Jan-2023 (2nd departure in pricing table above).

For 2023/24 season: 06-Dec-2023, 17-Dec-2023, 26-Dec-2023, 04-Jan-2024, 03-Feb-2024, 12-Feb-2024 and 21-Feb-2024 

Above departures have a mandatory transfer package as outlined below at a cost of USD $995 per person:

  • One pre-night's hotel accommodation in Buenos Aires, with breakfast
  • Group transfer from hotel to airport in Buenos Aires
  • Group flight departing from Buenos Aires' domestic airport (Aeroparque/AEP) to Ushuaia, and returning to Buenos Aires' international airport (Ezeiza/EZE)
  • Group transfer from Ushuaia airport to the ship and return (Note: Transfer on arrival in Buenos Aires from airport to hotel at the beginning of the journey is not included. Please make your own way to the included hotel.)
  • Combined airport transfer and express bus tour of Tierra del Fuego National Park after disembarkation in Ushuaia

Single Supplement And Child Policy

For those travelling solo who would like their own cabin, there is a good number of dedicated single cabins. The single supplement is 1.7 times the cost of a standard cabin and 2 times the cost of a superior category. Please contact us for details. There is no single supplement for solo passengers willing to share a cabin.

At date of embarkation, the minimum age restriction of 8 years and a minimum height and weight requirement of 64 lbs or 29kg and 48" or 1.2m must be met. Please contact us for details.

Optional Adventure Activities

Enhance your trip with the following add ons. Limited places per activity.
Get in contact to check availability.

Activity Cost Additional Information
Add on icon Camping Camping $295 On selected departures.
Add on icon Kayaking Kayaking $995 On selected departures.
Add on icon Paddleboarding Paddleboarding $295 On selected departures. Basic competency required.
Add on icon Skiing Skiing $575 On selected departures. Basic competency required.
Add on icon Mountaineering Mountaineering $575 On selected departures. Crampons provided, you will need rigid sole boots.


  • Transfers in Ushuaia as indicated
  • Pre-embarkation hotel night and breakfast
  • Online photo journal of the voyage
  • Complimentary parka jacket
  • Voyage aboard the vessel as indicated in the itinerary
  • Accommodation and meals during the voyage on full board
  • Beer and wine during dinner, and coffee, tea and cocoa throughout the day
  • All shore excursions and zodiac activities
  • Educational lectures by expert onboard polar guides
  • Access to an onboard doctor and basic medical services
  • Loan of rubber boots for the voyage's duration
  • Comprehensive pre-departure information
  • Port taxes and any entry fees to landing sites


  • Any flights to and from points of embarkation/disembarkation not listed as included
  • Any additional pre/post land services, including meals
  • Transfers not specified in the itinerary
  • Optional non-complimentary adventure activities (e.g. kayaking)
  • Visa, passport and any vaccination expenses
  • Airport arrival or departure taxes
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Items of a personal nature, e.g. laundry, beverages and communication
  • Customary staff gratuity at the end of the voyage
  • Additional onboard purchases (i.e. gift shop)

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