High Season Antarctic Cruises 2021

Antarctica's wildlife and weather are both at their best between December and February. The austral summer is in full swing in December, with warmer temperatures and longer days seeing more sightings of seals and the arrival of humpbacks. In January, penguin chicks chase their parents along the shoreline, where baby seals are enjoying the 'warmth'. Great numbers of humpback and minke whales and orcas also frequent the waters. February is likewise a very active month. Penguin chicks are learning to swim, leopard seals are predating, and whale spotting season is at its height.

Solar Eclipse 2021

If there is anything that could arouse more awe and mystery than travelling to the southernmost continent, it may just be experiencing a solar eclipse take place over the vast white wilderness. An extraordinary event that will next occur again in 75 years, on the morning of 4th December 2021 the moon will completely cover the sun, bestowing viewers in Antarctica with a surreal few minutes of total darkness. Our solar eclipse itineraries have been carefully planned to ensure you reach the path of totality, at exactly the right time.


Shoulder Season Antarctic Cruises 2021

November is an exciting time of year to be in Antarctica as it's the start of summer when everything seems to be waking up from the long and dark winter. Penguin rookeries are a hive of activity whilst elephant seals are busy battling on South Georgia Island. Come March, as the winter draws closer, you can expect the closest encounters with whales. Watch waddling groups of penguin adolescents and experience an increase in predator activity.

Antarctica Cruises 2021

We've rounded up some of our most popular 2021 trips, to help you decide the course of your adventure in the White Continent.

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