Antarctic Cruises 2023

January is the peak of Antarctica's summer and it welcomes the delight of penguin chicks and baby seals. By February, the inquisitive fledging penguin chicks dominate the rookeries, and elsewhere leopard seal predation events and whale sightings reach their peak. As March arrives, so does the winter - this is when you can expect the closest encounters with whales. There's also opportunities to watch waddling groups of penguin adolescents and increased predator activity.

Antarctica in January

Emperor penguin with fluffy chick, South Georgia, Antarctica

January is the peak of the Antarctic summer, so you'll enjoy magical 20+ hours of sunlight each day.  These extra daylight hours gives you more time each day to explore,…

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Antarctica in February

Majestic iceberg in the Crystal Sound, Polar Circle, Antarctica

February's the time for sailing all the way to the Polar Circle, the Sun's rays through December and January having weakened the pack ice significantly enough to allow for …

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Antarctica in March

Taking a Zodiac ride to Pleneau Bay, Antarctica, in March

March marks the end of the travel season to Antarctica. You'll be able to enjoy the mesmerising colours of blooming green and pink algae against the water and ice, as well as …

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2023 Antarctica Cruises

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Swoop says

2023 dates and prices are now available for those who like to plan ahead, which we always recommend when it comes to Antarctica. There's a wide range of voyages to choose from on 27 different expedition ships.

When should I start planning my Voyage?

  • When are departure dates normally released?

    ​Polar​ operators ​typically release their ​forthcoming departure dates ​and prices at least 18 months ​or so in advance, some even earlier. This is great news for travellers who like to plan ahead and get their cabin reserved early on​, particularly if you can take advantage of an early booking incentive.

    Given that there is only a finite number of places available on each departure, it really is a case of 'the early bird gets the worm' - or in this case the best dates and the widest choice of cabins - so early booking is strongly recommended.

  • When should I start to plan my Fly & Cruise trip?

    Trips which include time-saving flights to Antarctica and avoid the Drake Passage are incredibly popular and are the earliest of all voyages to become booked up.

    Due to strong demand and the relatively modest number of ships, particularly during High Season, to be confident of securing your first choice we would strongly urge that you begin planning at least 12 months in advance. December and January are particularly busy times and typically are fully booked up 10 months ahead.

    For the most popular Fly & Cruise trips or those incorporating South Georgia, 18 months ahead isn't too early.

  • Is it less expensive to travel in November & March?

    Yes it's true, the Shoulder Season months of November and March tend to be priced approx. 10-15% less than during the High Season (December - end February) and as a result are a good place to look for the budget-conscious or bargain-hunter.

    The reason for this is partly the less predictable weather and slightly lower wildlife numbers, but it's also simply the case that many who live in Northern Hemisphere countries like to holiday during their worst winter months.

    In our opinion a great time to travel is in early December when it's still Shoulder Season pricing but you get all of the benefits of High Season.

  • Are there any advantages in booking early?

    ​There certainly are: as well as securing your first choice, with many of the ships offering really quite generous early booking incentives of up to $1,500 per person to those willing to commit early, getting organised can really pay dividends.

  • Can I wait until the last minute for a late deal?

    Given the ​strong ​demand for Antarctic cruises​ ​boat ​operators rarely need to ​resort to offering any ​late availability discounts - particularly on the more popular ships and voyages - as ​cabins ​are normally all booked months ago in advance.

    Any remaining unsold cabins tend to be left on the shelf for a reason and choice will be poor at best, so it's not an approach we advocate.

    However, if you're flexible on dates and don't mind paying for ​overinflated ​flights​ ​there are normally odd cabins available.

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What our customers think

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We are back and are slowly getting back to earth! As for the Polar expedition it was "Wow!" everyday. Truly an experience of a lifetime. We were blown away by the calibre of the people taking us around, so very knowledgeable and yet very approachable. Even the captain of the vessel was amazing, turning around the ship to allow for a closer view of whales!!!

Lucien & Marie-Eve South Africa January 2018

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Seeing astounding small blue crevasses among the vast white background, watching sea-ice form, witnessing icebergs calving and crashing into the sea, unexpectedly coming across lush green algae and blue copper staining on the rocks are all experiences that we will never forget.

Graham and Angela UK March 2017

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From the very beginning, Swoop was with us. They edcuated us about the perfect trip, the perfect boat, what to sign up for, the clothing to bring, hotels to stay at, restuarants to go to in Ushuaia. When our ship had an issue and there was a one day delay, Swoop literally "swooped in" and had their expert on Ushuaia contact us and give us recommendations. They became like "family"...we adore Ange and Alex and the entire team!!!

Marina Angleton United States Of America January 2020

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The best expedition team ever. They were so enthusiastic about what they did and worked well as a team

Marmie Schuster-Walker United States Of America February 2020

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