Life before Swoop

From a young age, the thrill of travel and experiencing different cultures and landscapes became a passion. My first safari experience aged eight in Africa was life-changing for me and my enduring love of wildlife began there and then. I have been lucky enough to travel to over 40 countries around the world including Australia, the far East, Africa, Europe and America, and even luckier to have made a career out of what I love the most – travel!

My experience

I have worked in the specialist travel industry for over 15 years and have a vast knowledge of all things travel-related. Helping customers define their perfect trip and make their travel dreams come true is what excites me most. I love the fulfillment that comes from giving customers some of the most unusual and memorable trips of their lives.

My passions

From sailing holidays, skiing and yoga retreats to safaris and trekking holidays, I am passionate about experiencing as much as life, and the world, have to offer. Vast open spaces, wilderness and remote vistas are my thing. Throw in some of the world’s most incredible wildlife and it’s a win-win. Antarctica’s white desert landscape along with incredible marine and birdlife make it one of the most awe-inspiring places to visit on Earth.


Day to day at Swoop

I am an Antarctic Specialist for Swoop, which means that every day I am lucky enough to share my knowledge and passion for Antarctica and to help customers find their perfect match in terms of trip and ship.

It can be fairly overwhelming for first-time visitors to know where to start with such a unique trip of a lifetime, and that is where we come in!