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's Trip Date:

31st Oct - 23rd Nov 2019

What was the highlight of your trip?

Charlotte Bay, be surrounded by glaciers, mountains and icebergs in a beautiful sunny day. Just the landscape was unbeatable

On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend Swoop to friends or family?

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10 out of 10

How would you rate your trip to Antarctica?

9 It was an amazing experience from beginning to end. From the booking process to the moment I came back home all was easy and well organized. The expedition company was very professional and all was well taken care if. If I have a point of critic is the description of the trip in the itinerary: itinetary details mentioned that Antarctica days will include landings in several places weather conditions permitted. Some of the places mentioned are Lemaire Channel ot Neymayer Wilhemina Straits... I learnt during the voyage these places are not visited during this trip not due to weather conditions but because they are too far away to reach when yoi only have 4 days in Peninsula from which one is Elephant Island and another one South Shetlands. If this is always the case in the South Georgia itinetary it should be taken out of the details and description to avoid disappointment.

How likely is it you would recommend your partner(s) to friends or family?

Very likely. John, Liz, Angie and rest of the team have been great and very responsive at all times. From the initial moment seeking advice, ended up with a choice that was really suited to me, booking process was easy, personal portal easy to use, have the feeling I was informed proactively and in a personal manner at all times what was a good feeling as customer. Even when I was considering changing the trip John discouraged me to do so and keep Polar Latitudes and I could not be happier for the advice.

What feedback or advice do you have for Swoop and our future Antarctic travellers?

Really try to keep your expectations real and dont focused about one particular place you want to visit. I was really focused on getting to St Andrews bay, had looked at pictures, videos, even if you understand it is all weather permitted rationally, emotionally it was a great disappointment that day when we could not land. Looking back I had so many highlights and amazing moments I doubt I would have been happier if I would have landed there.

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