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Life before Swoop

I spent part of my childhood by the Atlantic coast and, coming from a family of captains, I learned to sail at the age of ten. Years later, after finishing my degree in Public Relations, I had the chance to sail the seas around Africa, the Middle East, Europe, America, the Arctic and the Antarctic, developing an especially strong connection with the polar regions.

I love interacting with people and enjoy learning languages. I can find my way with Portuguese and French and I’m fluent in English, German and of course my native language: Spanish. As a true 'Patagonian', based in Bariloche, I love the mountain environment and being out in the wilderness kayaking, hiking and back-country skiing. My experience as a certified skipper, rescue diver and a wilderness first responder gives me excellent skills for driving Zodiacs in rough waters.

My polar experience

After visiting Antarctica for the first time eleven years ago, I could not stop returning every austral summer. I have been part of over 130 Antarctic and 20 Arctic expeditions, and even got engaged on the ice. I started out as Hotel and Quality Manager, aboard several ships including the powerful icebreaker '50 Years of Victory', all the way to the geographic North Pole. Shifting my focus to the expedition side, I worked as a Zodiac Driver, Guide and Assistant Expedition Leader.

During my eleven years working in the polar regions I have spent almost a whole year of my life sailing the Drake Passage watching albatrosses fly by; I have enjoyed a North Pole BBQ five times and completed the 90º north polar plunge. I have been fortunate enough to visit the west and east coast of Greenland several times, as well as Iceland, Svalbard, the Weddell sea and of course the Antarctic Peninsula.

Day to day at Swoop

As a polar specialist, sharing my knowledge and passion for Antarctica and the Arctic, I help people find expeditions that meet their expectations and needs. As I’m based in Patagonia (in Bariloche, in the Argentine Lake District) my role also involves connecting travellers wishing to visit the area with the Swoop Patagonia team.

Why I love polar travel

To me, the polar regions are a paradise. Being surrounded by glaciers and icebergs; observing penguins porpoising in Antarctica or a polar bear and its cub wandering in the Arctic sea-ice; having whales surface next to your boat; seeing a pod of orca travelling the Gerlache strait; it's like being in a dream. The vastness of the landscapes and nature expressing itself in such a strong way is my spiritual retreat. The feeling after encountering whales, or during sunset crossing the scenic Lemaire Channel, cannot be put in words. No matter how many books you read or documentaries you watch, there is nothing quite like being in the polar regions.

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Next Adventure

After so many years at sea, my next adventure is actually spending more time on land! I'm sure I will miss being among icebergs and penguins, however planning polar adventures from the beginning is very fulfilling. I'm looking forward to transferring my field experience into guidance and support for people looking to discover these wonderful regions. Also, as I'm based in Bariloche in Argentina, I'm looking forward to spending more time exploring Nahuel Huapi Lake aboard my kayak.

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