About me

Life before Swoop


Before beginning a career in travel, I spent several years teaching English abroad and backpacking through Latin America and Asia. During my travels, I trekked to Machu Picchu, rappelled the waterfalls of Vietnam, and learned to make gnocchi in the Italian countryside. Once I settled back in the states, a career in travel seemed like the natural next step and my love of wild, remote locations led me to Antarctica.

Outside of work, you can usually find me roaming the mountains and rivers of western Montana.

My Antarctic experience


My first journey south was on board the Hebridean Sky during which I got to spend 14 magical days exploring the various islands and harbours, cruising alongside humpback whales and laughing as adolescent penguins nibbled on my camera straps. I also had the pleasure of pitching a tent at Portal Point and joining the small list of people who can say they have slept under the stars on the Antarctic continent.

Why I love polar travel


Antarctica is unlike anywhere else you will visit. I live where I do because I love the wide open, expansive spaces and rugged wildernesses that serves as a constant reminder of just how small we truly are in the grand scheme of the planet.

Antarctica has this effect but tenfold. It is sensory overload everywhere you look – humpback whales spraying, penguins porpoising through the water, glaciers calving, the smell of a penguin rookery permeating the air.

Day to day at Swoop


I spend my days chatting with travellers about their dreams of visiting Antarctica. I enjoy playing the matchmaking game of learning about each individual’s plans and preferences so I can pair them with the absolute perfect voyage. I love providing guidance on when to visit, which ships to consider, and what will actually happen once on board!

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What our customers think

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The Swoop team has been fantastic, very responsive to all our queries and have been most helpful. We had a great holiday, so thank you for organising it. Read the full review

Patrick Kwok Cheung Yee Singapore December 2019

Great job, Saffron and Molly. Read the full review

Mary Boyle Anderson United States Of America February 2020

Thank you again Saffron, Michelle and Molly, you’ve all been so amazing...you’re the only company I would recommend!

Tania Australia December 2019

The next adventure

I have always had a fascination with wildlife, so South Georgia would be a dream come true. I can’t begin to wrap my head around being surrounded by 200,000 penguins at once!

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