Life before Swoop

I grew up in a small village in a secluded corner of southwest England. Despite being of Scottish heritage, I might be the most tanned highlander you’ll ever meet!

I have a hankering for all things active and outdoorsy and I’m most at home running in the mountains or surfing in the ocean. I’m passionate about sustainability and discovering new cultures and I get a real kick out of learning new things from new people.

Before I joined Swoop, I was teaching English online to foreign students from all over the world – it was a really inspiring experience.


Springtime surfing at Godrevy in Cornwall, England

Day to day at Swoop

The Customer Experience Team at Swoop does exactly what you would expect – we ensure the best possible experience for our customers.

We are a tight-knit team that bounce off one another sharing expertise gained from our experiences as citizens of the world. We understand that the steps you need to take before travelling can often leave you with a large to-do list, but we guide you through every step and make sure that your excitement builds with each tick.

It's our job to make sure that every detail is covered before you travel, and I absolutely love hearing about all of my customers' fantastic experiences when they return home.


Wave watching in Cornwall, England

Why I love travelling

Travelling means something different to everyone, and that's why it's so great. It's not just the experience itself that makes it so special, it's also the excitement it brings before you go, and the memories it holds when you get back that make it truly worthwhile.

I try to learn a new lesson in life every time I go on a new adventure, and I hope that your experiences can do the same for you too.


Watching time go by at Volcan Fuego in Guatemala

My next adventure

I am heading to Morocco in the spring to explore the culture, coastline and cuisine. The waves are at their glassy best at this time of year, and I can't wait to dive in!