Our Best Antarctica Cruises 2019

Still deciding which Antarctic cruise is right for you? Here is a selection of our most popular trips, with countless opportunities to experience Antarctica in 2019.

High Season Antarctic Cruises 2019

In January, summer is at its peak bringing the pitter patter of penguin chicks and baby seals. In February, inquisitive penguin chicks who are starting to fledge dominate the rookeries, whale sightings and leopard seal predation reach their peak. The arrival of December ushers in the beginning of high season and the busiest time for wildlife in the whole Antarctic calendar. With the warmer temperatures, the ice is starting to break up allowing exploration of the smaller bays.

Shoulder Season Antarctic Cruises 2019

By March, a​s the Antarctic​ season​ starts to draw to a close​, keen whale watchers get their best chance​s​ for close encounters, while young penguins are ​busy ​fledging and learn​ing​ to swim.​ With the sun now lower in the sky, photographers love​ March for the soft light conditions and dramatic sunsets. November then marks the beginning of a new season in Antarctica. Set against the pristine whiteness of early season, the penguins return to their rookeries and busy nesting, while battling Elephant Seals on South Georgia provide plenty of drama.

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