High Season 2018 Voyages

January marks the height of summer in Antarctica with long days for exploring, warm temperatures and some of the most stable weather. In February, hungry, inquisitive penguin chicks who are starting to fledge dominate the rookeries, while whale sightings and leopard seal predation reaches their peak. In December the austral summer is in full swing, bringing warmer temperatures and longer days.

Shoulder Season 2018 Voyages

The highlight in March are whale sightings, while on South Georgia the King Penguins are to be found in their greatest numbers and Wandering Albatross can be visited on Prion Island. Photographers love March for the stunning sunsets and moody skies. In November, spring is in the air, the penguin rookeries are a hive of activity, while the presence of ‘fast ice’ provides the rare chance of walking on sea ice.

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