Why Antarctica?

When a world of sparkling ice castles, bustling penguin rookeries, expansive sunsets, and giant barnacled whales is beckoning, the question isn't 'why Antarctica', but when...

Experience the magic for yourself. Explore ice-choked waterways by zodiac boat as seals and penguins dart around you, step foot on snowy beaches and ascend marble slopes to breathtaking views, wake up to icebergs floating past your porthole. It's hard to do justice to the depth of the experience. It is a sensory awakening, an emotive reconnection with nature, and a reminder of the power and beauty of nature on a scale rarely witnessed. 

Adventure is waiting, and it's more unforgettable and special than you could imagine. Now you just need to figure out what your adventure looks like...

Adventures in Antarctica

See for yourself...

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Who are Swoop?

We're a group of wilderness-seekers, always searching for the road less travelled. We've been lucky enough to visit the ends of the earth for many years, and our network of partners and guides across Antarctica are as much friends as they are colleagues.

For us, adventure has always been a process of discovery, not only of our planet and its many hidden gems, but of ourselves. We believe that unforgettable adventures can change perspectives, so we've started out on our journey towards reducing our impact, and the impact of our customers, on the natural world we all enjoy. 

Adventures in Antarctica
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Want to learn more about the magical seventh continent? Speak to one of our Antarctic experts today to find out what kind of adventure might be right for you.

What will I do on an adventure cruise?

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A guide to Antarctic travel

A guide to Antarctic travel

Extending almost 14 million square kilometres, the Antarctic ice sheet is the largest single mass of ice on Earth and is twice as big as Australia, with ice up to 2.5 miles thick …

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With over 50 years of Antarctic experience between us, we can help guide you to exactly the right trip for you.