Why Antarctica?

When a world of sparkling ice castles, bustling penguin rookeries, expansive sunsets, and giant barnacled whales is beckoning, the question isn't 'why Antarctica', but when...

Experience the magic for yourself. Explore ice-choked waterways by zodiac boat as seals and penguins dart around you, step foot on snowy beaches and ascend marble slopes to breathtaking views, wake up to icebergs floating past your porthole. It's hard to do justice to the depth of the experience. It is a sensory awakening, an emotive reconnection with nature, and a reminder of the power and beauty of nature on a scale rarely witnessed. 

Adventure is waiting, and it's more unforgettable and special than you could imagine. Now you just need to figure out what your adventure looks like...

Adventures in Antarctica

See for yourself...

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The Swoop team has been fantastic, very responsive to all our queries and have been most helpful. We had a great holiday, so thank you for organising it. Read the full review

Patrick Kwok Cheung Yee Singapore December 2019

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The experience expanded my appreciation for this world. I still feel full of awe when I recall the trip. I expect I will carry this feeling the rest of my life. It has made us want to see more... Read the full review

Kathy Lanier Dignen United States Of America November 2019

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Swoop, you did a fabulous job of getting us prepared before we went, and even before that guiding us on which of the expeditions met what we wanted to achieve. I have never found that before in all of my (long!) life of travels. Even your guidance on which cabin to book, was outstanding. Read the full review

Sue Quelch United Kingdom October 2019

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Working with Swoop was a delight. They were so helpful and provided such good advice and useful detailed information. Read the full review

Ralph Pollack United States Of America February 2019

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Our Antarctica expedition was truly fabulous! It seems impossible to name just one highlight, but if I must, it would be the hour or so we spent cruising amongst a group of 200 humpback whales. They were so close you didn't know where to look first. Read the full review

Elaine Green United States Of America December 2018

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The people at Swoop were amazing. From the initial recommendations to the very detailed pre-cruise information, we always felt comfortable knowing that they would be there to answer any concerns.

Joey & Sheri Washington November 2017

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Swoop was phenomenal! I am so happy and grateful I booked with Loli and the Swoop team. Loli answered all of my questions and due to her first-hand experience with the trip, she was able to offer terrific guidance and helpful insights. I felt completely looked after and prepared for my trip.

Colette California January 2017

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Swoop, and John in particular, were fantastic. They did everything that was possible and made things very smooth and comfortable.

Sascha Germany December 2016

We saw whales, various types of seals, penguins, and birds. My favorite encounter was w/ a Leopard Seal while kayaking; the seal seemed to be having fun with us, creating waves and swimming quickly underneath the water to change his position before we could snap a photo. We also saw a group of Ocra hunting another whale - it was a magical moment as the sun was setting and we had just finished a BBQ dinner / party on the back deck. Read the full review

George Parson Australia February 2020

I’m still thinking about the privilege of taking this adventure which I guess means that it has at least enhanced my perspective. Read the full review

Donald Emeigh United States Of America December 2019

You guys were great, thank you very much for everything! Read the full review

Mukund Shenoy United States Of America December 2019

Swoop was excellent. Alex's knowledge of the seasons and what we could expect was spot on.

Natalie and Mike UK January 2017

It was the greatest blessing to run across Swoop in my research! The service was superb in every way, imaginable!

Arvat Virginia January 2017

Everything​ ​was close to perfection​. The service by Swoop Travel​, t​he exceptional beauty of Antartica​ and t​he expedition team ​on​ the cruise​ were all 10​/​10!

Son Thailand January 2016

Who are Swoop?

We're a group of wilderness-seekers, always searching for the road less travelled. We've been lucky enough to visit the ends of the earth for many years, and our network of partners and guides across Antarctica are as much friends as they are colleagues.

For us, adventure has always been a process of discovery, not only of our planet and its many hidden gems, but of ourselves. We believe that unforgettable adventures can change perspectives, so we've started out on our journey towards reducing our impact, and the impact of our customers, on the natural world we all enjoy. 

Adventures in Antarctica
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Luke says

Nearly 20 years ago, I discovered a land at the bottom of the world that I fell in love with. Since then, I've made it my mission to help others who share my passion for the great outdoors, nature and wilderness, to embark on unforgettable adventures like mine.

Luke Errington Founder, Swoop Antarctica

Want to learn more about the magical seventh continent? Speak to one of our Antarctic experts today to find out what kind of adventure might be right for you.

What will I do on an adventure cruise?

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A guide to Antarctic travel

A guide to Antarctic travel

Extending almost 14 million square kilometres, the Antarctic ice sheet is the largest single mass of ice on Earth and is twice as big as Australia, with ice up to 2.5 miles thick …

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