Why we like the Greg Mortimer

  • The first expedition ship to pioneer the groundbreaking X-BOW technology, it will pierce waves making for a smoother overall voyage
  • We love the fact that in spite of being crammed with technology, this small ship only carries a maximum of 120 passengers, ensuring everyone can land together
  • 80% of the cabins benefit from having outer balconies and all are spaciously proportioned, ranging from 180 - 385 square feet
  • A panoramic observation deck with floor to ceiling windows and spacious outer decks means you’ll never miss out on the action wherever you are on the ship
  • For active travellers, optional activities are available: kayaking, camping, snowshoeing, scuba diving & polar snorkelling

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Alex says

The first of this new generation of X-bow ships to arrive in Antarctica, make no mistake this is a groundbreaking ship setting the pace in the smaller ship category.

Alex Mudd Polar Specialist

Voyages aboard Greg Mortimer

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What our customers think

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The service from Swoop was great. You were open with us and explained how this particular cruise would work. After talking to others on the cruise, we felt we were better informed about the details.

Travis & Kalli Walthall United States Of America December 2017

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I'm thrilled that I booked with Swoop. They gave me lots of information on the ship. During the trip, I was surprised at how skilled the crew was to adapt to new contingency plans due to changing weather.

Dennis Roy United States Of America February 2019

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The tips and advice from Swoop that was sent electronically helped a lot.

Liz Chon Greece December 2018

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Booking with Swoop was a pleasure. The guidance was sound and the responsiveness excellent. I will recommend Swoop again.

Carla & Ross MacHattie Canada December 2017

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Everything was processed in an extremely quick and efficient way, nothing could have been better. With no doubts, we would use Swoop's services again.

Nora & Zoltan Patsenker Switzerland November 2018

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I love zodiacs so I was very happy we had them. The icebergs, especially the black icebergs were remarkable in every way. The wildlife was good, especially the Humpbacks, Minke and the Chinstraps.

Jane Alexander United States Of America February 2019

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Traversing the Lemaire Channel on a clear, blue, calm day with mirror-like reflections of snowy peaks in the water was stunning.

Elizabeth Hess United States Of America December 2018

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Every day is different and amazing in a new way. Shocked at how much there is to see and do, I never wanted to leave.

Deirdre Clute United States Of America March 2017

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Cabin Categories


*Note that the above measurements are approximate averages and exact cabin size can vary

Captain's Suite

  • Located on Deck 4
  • Cabin and balcony combined size of 46.3 sqm
  • Private balcony, ensuite and lounge 

Junior Suite

  • Located on Deck 7
  • Cabin and balcony combined size of 44.4 sqm
  • Private balcony, ensuite and lounge 

Superior Balcony

  • Located on Deck 4
  • Cabin and balcony combined size of 36 sqm
  • Private balcony, ensuite and lounge 
Greg Mortimer

Balcony Stateroom

  • Located on Deck 4 and on Deck 6
  • Cabin and balcony combined sized of 21 - 31 sqm
  • Private balcony, ensuite 
Greg Mortimer

Porthole Stateroom

  • Located on Deck 3
  • Cabin size of 15 - 23 sqm
  • Porthole, en suite 
Greg Mortimer


  • Located on Deck 3
  • Cabin size of 22 sqm
  • Porthole, en suite 
Greg Mortimer

Deck Plan

Onboard Communications & Facilities

Facilities include:

  • Plugs: European 220V two-round-pinned sockets
  • Towels, toiletries and hair dryers
  • Laundry service (additional cost)
  • WiFi -  per cabin USD $250 (access for up to three devices)

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