Why we like the Greg Mortimer

  • The first expedition ship to pioneer the groundbreaking X-BOW technology, it will pierce waves making for a smoother overall voyage
  • We love the fact that in spite of being crammed with technology, this small ship only carries a maximum of 120 passengers, ensuring everyone can land together
  • 80% of the cabins benefit from having outer balconies and all are spaciously proportioned, ranging from 180 - 385 square feet
  • A panoramic Observation deck with floor to ceiling windows and spacious outer decks means you’ll never miss out on the action wherever you are on the ship
  • For active travellers, optional activities are available: kayaking, camping, snowshoeing, scuba diving & polar snorkelling
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Voyages aboard Greg Mortimer

Cabin Categories


*Note that the above measurements are approximate averages and exact cabin size can vary

Captain's Suite

  • Located on Deck 4
  • Cabin and balcony combined size of 46.3 sqm
  • Private balcony, ensuite and lounge 
Greg Mortimer

Junior Suite

  • Located on Deck 7
  • Cabin and balcony combined size of 44.4 sqm
  • Private balcony, ensuite and lounge 
Greg Mortimer

Balcony Suite

  • Located on Deck 4
  • Cabin and balcony combined size of 35.8 - 36.2 sqm
  • Private balcony, ensuite and lounge 
Greg Mortimer

Balcony Stateroom

  • Located on Deck 4 and on Deck 6
  • Cabin and balcony combined sized of 23.1 - 28.9 sqm
  • Private balcony, ensuite 
Greg Mortimer

Porthole Stateroom

  • Located on Deck 3
  • Cabin size of 23.2 sqm 
  • Porthole, en suite 
Greg Mortimer

Deck Plan


Onboard Communications & Facilities

Facilities include:

  • Plugs: European 220V two-round-pinned sockets
  • Towels, toiletries and hair dryers
  • Laundry service (additional cost)

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