Things to consider

Choosing the right ship to travel aboard is a key decision when planning your South Georgia adventure. To help you get started, here are a few key tips on what to consider:

  • Stability is key in a ship to South Georgia - the Southern Ocean is nothing if not unpredictable
  • Check the size of the expedition team onboard. The depth and breadth of their knowledge is pivotal to maximising your experience
  • While larger ships can offer better stability and amenities, smaller ship with fewer guests are more personal and spend more time on land
  • On these longer voyages, for those who like a little privacy, it’s worth considering the upgrade options for a little extra space
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Given the number of days you’ll spend at sea, stability and comfort should be primary considerations when choosing the right ship.

South Georgia Ships

Hebridean Sky & Island Sky (114 passengers)

With state of the art retractable fins that reduce roll by up to 80%, these opulent sister ships provide a smooth and therefore more enjoyable journey on the two-day stretch to South Georgia.

The vessels' spacious cabins, outstanding service and top of the range catering provide luxury and elegance at an affordable price.

South Georgia Ships

One of the most elegant ships in Antarctica

M/V Plancius (116 passengers)

Originally an oceanographic research vessel, the M/V Plancius has been rebuilt with a diesel-electric propulsion system that greatly reduces noise and vibrations. If you're a light sleeper, you'll really feel the benefits during those nights at sea.

The large windows of the observation deck provide stunning panoramic views, perfect for spotting wildlife whilst keeping warm.

Plancius vessel, Antarctica

Your vessel at rest in Antarctica

M/V Ortelius (116 passengers)

Built with a broad and heavy design, the M/V Ortelius has the highest ice-class rating (equivalent to 1A), making it one of the safest and most stable polar vessels, perfect for the long days at sea on the way to South Georgia. 

With an abundance of outdoor space and a roomy bridge, you'll have no trouble finding a spot to watch the wildlife and scenery go by.  

Ortelius ship

Greg Mortimer (120 passengers)

The first expedition ship to pioneer the groundbreaking X-BOW technology, it will pierce waves making for a smoother overall voyage and a more stable run.

Boasting a panoramic observation deck with floor to ceiling windows and spacious outer decks, you’ll never miss out on the action wherever you are on the ship.


Your vessel in Antarctic waters

Trips on these selected ships

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South Georgia, Antarctica and Falklands Explorer

Looking for an Antarctic adventure without compromising on comfort and service? This stylish 139-passenger ship, with its cavernous suites, fine dining and compelling itinerary, offers a polished Southern Ocean adventure at a fair…

  • 21 Days
  • $19,795
Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Adventure

With a good choice of departure dates through the season across three medium-sized ships, this 19-22 day trip stands out for its value for money and the broad range of cabin categories available, including Quads, which are…

  • 19-22 Days
  • $13,550
Spring Quest to Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia

Setting sail ​early in the season, be aboard ​one of the ​first ship​s to head​ south ​as the Southern Ocean reopens for business​. It's a special time in South Georgia as the beaches are packed with breeding elephant seals, while…

  • 21 Days
  • $13,350

Other South Georgia ships

  • Ocean Adventurer
  • World Explorer
  • Ocean Endeavor
  • MS Expedition
  • Ocean Diamond
  • The Ushuaia
  • Sea Spirit
  • Le Boreal, Le Lyrial, Le Soléal, L'Austral
South Georgia Ships

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South Georgia Island

South Georgia Island

With spectacular mountains and pristine beaches dense with king penguins and fur seals, South Georgia is like stepping into a real-life nature film. 

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What our customers think of South Georgia Ships

If you love wildlife or you want to check off more birds on your list, this is a must trip. All three locations provided different wildlife experiences. If you go to the Antarctic, you must go to South Georgia and Falkland Islands. Read the full review

Travelled: February 2022

Scott Hunter - USA


South Georgia Ships: FAQs

  • Is a ship’s ice class rating important for S. Georgia?

    This only becomes relevant in heavy ice, which South Georgia doesn’t experience during the visitor season. A ship’s stability and comfort level is more relevant. Tips on choosing the right ship.

  • Which are the most stable ships?

    This is one of our favourite questions, particularly for anyone going to South Georgia due to the higher number of sea days. We favour ships with state-of-the-art retractable stabilising systems, including Hebridean Sky, Island Sky and Greg Mortimer.

    It’s also worth noting that larger ships like Ocean Endeavour naturally benefit from having better stability as a result of their higher gross tonnage.

  • How many landings?

    The expedition team will aim for two ‘off ship’ excursions a day while in South Georgia, of which a few will be zodiac cruises, but the majority actual landings. However, it’s important to note that the weather will be a significant influence.

  • How do we get ashore?

    Rubber ‘zodiac’ boats which carry up to 10-12 people comfortably and piloted by a member of the expedition team or crew are the modus operandi for all off ship excursions.

  • What’s the average time spent ashore?

    It can vary widely depending on the weather, the landing site itself and the expedition leader. Typically landings are 2 - 4 hours in duration, ensuring that everyone has plenty of time.

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