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Life before Swoop

Before joining Swoop, I had spent much of my time planning and joining expeditions around the world. Heading off to the remote jungles of Borneo set alight a passion for exploring  the wildest corners of the earth. I took to the Himalayas a year after the 2015 Nepal earthquake and witnessed first hand the devastation of the natural disaster and played an active role in the relief effort. During my travels I have contracted tropical diseases, come face to face with a snow leopard and shared a hammock with a poisonous centipede. I began working on my book back in late 2017 and I have greatly enjoyed researching and sharing the story of one of the most forgotten great Polar explorers, James Clark Ross. When I am not thinking about all things Polar, I’m planning more expeditions to other remote parts of the world, hot and cold!

My Polar Experience

My first journey to higher latitudes was in June 2018 onboard the Ocean Adventurer in which I circumnavigated Svalbard. I also had the privileged to visit the remote island of Kvitoya and Nordaustlandet, which would become a focus of my future scientific expedition. December 2018, saw my first visit to Antarctica onboard the Island Sky, realizing a life long dream of following the ‘warm line’ of the great pioneers. I have had the honour of being sprayed in the face by both a humpback and an Orca and, through a fortunate detour, landed at Cape Horn, the maritime holy grail.

I have been on board many of ships that sail to the Polar regions, during refurbishment in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe.

In February 2020, I sailed onboard the state-of-the-art World Explorer to The Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica. The Falkland Islands was a destination I had already had a great interest in and I was blown away by the vast range of wildlife and white sand beaches. I can highly recommend Port Stanley, excellent museums and welcoming locals.

South Georgia had long since been a special ambition of mine, with its extraordinary wildlife sites such St Andrew's Bay, striking mountains and fascinating history. There are so many highlights from my time on the island, the one that stands out most for me was paying my respects to Sir Ernest Shackleton's grave at Grytviken, a moment that I will treasure forever.

On the way to Antarctica, I had a rare chance of seeing one of the world's largest icebergs on record, A68, which was roughly the size of the state of Delaware. Zodiac cruising around this gigantic iceberg we came across a frenzy of minke whales! Experiencing Antarctica in March was also very special, with a number of inspiring Humpback sightings and curious penguin chicks chasing their parents.   

Day to day at Swoop

I spend my day engaging with people about the fantastic wildlife, geography and history of the Arctic and Antarctic. I answer a wide range of questions people have about our amazing voyages, and the polar regions so they feel as well prepared as possible for their adventure. It is a great privilege to help send people on what is truly a trip of a lifetime, and share in their excitement.

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Tennessee went above and beyond. The trip he found was remarkable! He seemed genuinely as thrilled as we were that we found the perfect trip. His knowledge of the different ships and seasons and his honesty about what to expect gave me confidence. He was generous with his time, and assured me I could call anytime if questions arose. Thank you very much for exceptional help!

Margot United States Of America February 2019

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Tennessee worked his magic with an adventure itinerary that I couldn't resist. Not only did he find me a twin-share berth, but he also found me a route back to England flying with the RAF to Brize Norton. He really made this trip happen.

Jo Cheung United Kingdom November 2018

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Thanks for everything Tennessee, it was an amazing trip. I don't think that I took the grin off my face the whole time. I'm having difficulty getting back to real life - my lasting memory is thinking that this is just the beginning - I will be coming back!

Cecilie New Zealand January 2019

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Tennesse has been great fun to work with and very responsive

Peggy Philadelphia November 2018

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I'm so glad that Tennessee listened and provided me with various options because I don't think any of the other potential trips would have been the right one.

Kathy Kronenberg United States Of America March 2019

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Tennessee's History - Shackleton's greatest walk

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