Why we like Ocean Tramp

  • Can comfortably carry eight guests, three crew members and one scientist
  • Ideal for photographers, hikers, divers, scientists - plenty of storage plus the necessary comfort living onboard a sailboat for longer periods of time
  •  A sturdy & comfortable boat - huge forward and aft decks
  • Cozy double cabins with a choice of double and single bunks
  • Carries comprehensive safety equipment, including beacons, liferafts, flares and a variety of lifejackets

Voyages aboard Ocean Tramp

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Antarctic Yacht Expedition

With a maximum of 8 passengers, this Antarctic sailing experience is truly intimate and unique. An expeditionary trip, where you fly one way and sail the other, enables you to spend plenty of precious time in Antarctica with its penguins,…

  • 19 Days
  • $18,140

Cabin Categories

Shackleton Suite

The most spacious cabin onboard, with a private bathroom with hot shower. This cabin has a double bottom bed and a single upper bed, giving the flexibility to be used by a couple or two friends.

Mermaid Cabin

This cabin has two bunks, an upper and a lower bunk. There is access to two shared bathrooms, just a few feet away from the cabins. One has a shower and the other is a toilet. All cabins have lockers.

Forward Cabin

This cabin has a lower double bed and an upper bunk, so it can be used by a couple or two friends. There is access to two shared bathrooms, just a few feet away from the cabins. One has a shower and the other is a toilet. All cabins have lockers.

Beagle Bunks

This is the most compact cabin on board the boat. There is a lower single bed and an upper single bunk. There is access to a shared bathroom, just a few feet away from the cabins. For storage, this cabin has two shelves per passenger, plus extra storage under the lower bed.

Deck Plan

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What our customers think of Ocean Tramp

The Ocean Tramp exceeded our expectations. It was fun and thrilling being on a yacht in the rolling waters of the Antarctic. I would readily sail on the Ocean Tramp again. Read the full review

Travelled: December 2022

Nita Tallent - USA

Lucky for us all, we all, passengers, scientist and crew, got to form a happy and friendly team. Lots of storytelling and great meal sharing! Read the full review

Travelled: January 2022

Stéphane Attal - Canada

Zodiac cruising was indispensable! Safe at all times. The most memorable cruise was seeing four whales bubbling feeding! Read the full review

Travelled: January 2022

Stéphane Attal - Canada


Onboard Communications & Facilities

  • Onboard Media drive: connects to phones, tablets and PCs to watch movies
  • Wifi printer and wifi internal net for sharing files
  • LED TV and LED Projector with 54″ screen in main saloon for presentations and movies
  • All cabins equipped with 12 volts plug
  • Charging station for electronics, with 12v, 110v and 220 volts
  • Ample library including Glaciology, Geology, Birds, Mammals, Plants, Fuegian history and local related books
  • Ample back and forward deck for scientific activities and diving support
  • Diving compressor

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A guide to Antarctic travel

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