Life before Swoop

After graduating from university with an environmental degree I enjoyed a career in wildlife conservation. Before catching the travel bug, I worked as ‘head warden’ on a flagship nature reserve in Buckinghamshire. In 2015 I embarked on a trip to South Africa and was blown away by the diversity in landscapes, wildlife and culture. I then decided to help others explore the wonders of Southern Africa and joined the travel sector. I have a passion for travel and I have been fortunate to explore 23 countries over 7 continents! 

Why I love Antarctica

It was hard to contain my excitement as I flew into King George Island, just off the coast of Antarctica. I was greeted by snow-capped mountains and within minutes saw my first penguin - a distinctive chinstrap. Though it’s hard to choose, one of my most memorable moments was my encounter with an inquisitive humpback whale whilst on a zodiac (rigid inflatable). The inquisitive gentle giant swam gracefully towards me and at around 10 metres diverted to the left, passing with a loud exhale from the blow hole.

Day to day at Swoop

As the Antarctica Sales Manager, I enjoy supporting the sales team to plan ‘once in a lifetime’ trips. It is hugely satisfying to enable others to discover the awe-inspiring landscapes and wildlife that await. 

Ready to plan your Antarctic adventure?



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