The Week - Camping at the South Pole

9th April 2016

"There are places of great beauty, such as Elephant Head, where air bubbles hang in sapphire-blue ice, like ocean waves frozen in time."

Read The Week Magazine's article about camping in Antarctica with Swoop (available in issue 1068, page 41)

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The Independent - Cruises from Cape Horn to South Georgia in the footsteps of historic adventurers

7th March 2016

"Pretty much every corner of the world's oceans can be reached on a cruise today, making it easy not to give much thought to the extreme dangers encountered by the first explorers and navigators."

Read The Independent's article about history-retracing cruises with Swoop

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The 1843 Magazine - Welcome to the Hotel Antarctica

1st March 2016

"Approaching Antarctica, the anticipation is like that on no other journey, for you are travelling towards an idea, not just a place on the map. Its vast, pristine wilderness, owned by no one, is a symbol of geographical purity unique on the planet."

Read The 1843 Magazine's article about Sophy Roberts' Antarctic Adventure

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Lonely Planet - Antarctica by cruise: a voyage to another world

February 2016

"An Antarctic expedition cruise isn't just random bucket list stuff - the White Continent wields a power and singular beauty that linger long after you've left its frozen, penguin-dotted expanses behind."

Read Kerri's article about our Marine Mammals of Antarctica voyage aboard Akademik Ioffe.

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The Huffington Post - Into the Great White Open: An Expedition to Antarctica

17th September 2015

"Day after crystal-clear day, the wildlife pulled out all the stops for us, as we weaved in and out of small bays and channels indenting the Antarctic Peninsula."

Read The Huffington Post's article about Kerri Christiani's Antarctic Expedition experience with Swoop

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