What is a B Corp?

B Corp is a worldwide movement of businesses that actively choose to balance their financial success with a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. B Corps aim to redefine success in business to inspire a more ethical and inclusive approach to commerce, by demonstrating their dedication to a triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit.

This is measured in actions rather than words: to become a B Corp a business has to undergo a rigorous audit, during which it is measured against five pillars of sustainability: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers. The audit covers everything from environmental sustainability and community engagement, to its governance structures, treatment of its workers and corporate transparency. High standards are required in every field to achieve the minimum B Impact Score for certification.

Once certified, B Corps are obligated to consider the impact of their decisions not only on a financial basis but also on the broader community and the environment. Certification is no easy pass: every company is assessed every three years and may lose its B Corp status if it is not keeping itself to the required standards. In this way, B Corps hope to embed business practices that are centred on corporate responsibility rather than purely generating profit.

By doing this, B Corps aim to embed business practices that are centred on corporate responsibility rather than purely generating profit.

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B Corps are certified by B Labs, a worldwide not-for-profit organisation. Their external B Impact assessments provide an independent benchmark for a company's responsible business standards. 

Swoop's B Corp Journey

Why Swoop became a B Corp

At Swoop, our journey has always been about more than just travel; it's about making a positive impact on the world we explore and integrating ethical and sustainable practices into our core identity. We wanted to become a B Corp to put those ideas at our heart, and to join a community of businesses that wanted to do the same.

Becoming B Corp certified is hard. Most businesses the size of Swoop don’t achieve certification. But starting the path to certification would mean making a deliberate choice to integrate ethical and sustainable practices into our core identity. It would mean minimising our environmental footprint, actively engaging with local communities and fostering positive impacts in the destinations we visit and love – as well as turning the mirror on ourselves to look at our internal structures.

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How we did it

Swoop began on its path to becoming a B Corp only a few months before we were all knocked off course by the global pandemic. Successfully coming through that unprecedented challenge only stiffened our resolve to create a business that is truly sustainable in every sense of the word.

Going through our accreditation involved putting every corner of the business under a microscope. As part of the process we amended Swoop’s constitution, improved the gender balance in our staff by hiring more senior female managers and published our first Impact Report. We created a full-time sustainability manager position and set up the Swoop Conservation Fund, which disburses 1% of our annual revenue to organisations working in Antarctica and Patagonia. 

You can see how Swoop’s current B Impact score breaks down on the B Corp home page. Our next assessment is in 2026 and we’re committed to recertifying with an even higher score next time.

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Alex says

Swoop becoming B Corp certified is a wonderful statement of our commitment to protecting both the destinations we work with and the planet as a whole. I've always felt Swoop can be a force for good and having that B Corp badge means others think so too.

Alex Mudd Head of Swoop Antarctica

What this means for you

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Swoop’s B Corp status is our assurance that your travel choices contribute to a more sustainable future. We prioritise three things to make your trip is amazing as well as good for the planet and its people: 

  • Responsible Tourism From minimising our ecological footprint to supporting our local partners and the communities where they live and work, every adventure with us is designed to leave a positive mark on the destinations we visit.
  • Environmental Stewardship By adhering to rigorous sustainability standards, we strive to preserve the natural wonders that make each journey memorable, and we materially support environmental projects through the Swoop Conservation Fund, 
  • Community Engagement Because our journeys are intertwined with the communities we encounter, we actively engage with local initiatives to support economic development and cultural preservation. Together, we build bridges that connect travellers and communities for mutual benefit.

We believe in business as a force for good, and our B Corp status reflects our dedication to making a positive impact on both the communities we touch and the wider world. Swoop is part of the Travel by B Corp, a collective of independent companies that share a belief that travel can be a force for good. By travelling with us, you are joining as part of a community of like-minded individuals and sustainable businesses trying to leave our corner of the world better than we found it. 

More about Swoop's sustainability strategy

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We want to protect Antarctica for future generations - which is why we became a certified B Corp and set up our own conservation fund. So your adventures can be a force for good.

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