Neko Harbour

Where is it?

Neko Harbour lies on the Eastern shore of Andvord Bay, approximately 7 miles south of the Errera Channel. Paradise Harbour just to the west is another popular spot, often visited after Neko Harbour.

About Neko Harbour

The harbour was discovered by Adrien de Gerlache during his Belgian Antarctic expedition (1897-9), and is named after the Norwegian whaling ship, Neko, which often used this bay.

Neko Harbour is famous for its striking glacier, which can sometimes be seen calving ice. There's plenty more to see after you've had your fill of marvelling at this wall of ice - this site is home to approximately 250 breeding pairs of Gentoo penguins, some of which nest around the ex-Argentinian refuge hut. Also look out for Weddell seals, hauled-out on the cobblestone beach or above the landing site. 

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Look out for the glacier calving, a spectacular, thunderous splash that sends booms crashing around the mountains.

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