Lemaire Channel

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Antarctic Peninsula

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This spectacular channel is just 1,600 metres wide at its narrowest point, and is one of the most hoped for parts of any cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula. Nicknamed 'Kodak Alley', it is beautifully photogenic, and wonderfully calm.

Expect an iceberg-filled passage, surrounded by towering ice cliffs, usually as still as a mill pond due to its relative protection from the seas. One of the many landings on the Peninsula after leaving the Channel could be the tiny Petermann Island, a haven for Weddell, crabeater and Elephant seals, as well as skuas and other seabirds along with an impressive number of penguins (the majority from the enormous Adélie penguin colony). Or if you're venturing further south on an Antarctic Circle Cruise, you may make it as far as Detaille Island.

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Flexibility is the key to success in Antarctica. All voyage routes take advantage of the ever-changing opportunities provided by nature, crafting a unique and extraordinary experience each time.

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66 Degrees South Fly Cruise

By offering time saving flights, extended time in Antarctica and the chance to reach the Polar Circle, this 10-day voyage maximises the polar experience. Minimum travel time and maximum exploring time and all the benefits of only 76 people…

  • 10 Days
  • $15,495
Antarctic Peninsula Revealed

With few departures in November and March, this competitively priced ​10-day voyage provides 4 whole days​ exploring the Antarctic Peninsula​. Traveling aboard a small, highly manoeuvrable ship​​, ensures your time will be maximised, particularly if you opt for kayaking as…

  • 10 Days
  • $12,995
Polar Circle Adventure

Travelling in January, at the height of the Austral summer, when weather and wildlife are arguably at their optimum, spend 15 days aboard a comfortable 114-passenger expedition ship as you make your way south to bisect the intangible Polar…

  • 15 Days
  • $12,295
Cruise to The Antarctic Peninsula

This classic Peninsula trip stands out for its generously proportioned cabins, value for money and stylish 114-passenger ship. Spend 4-5 days experiencing Antarctica’s highlights, with optional camping and kayaking. Complimentary hotel stay in Ushuaia and a parka jacket are nice…

  • 11-12 Days
  • $8,895
Antarctic Fly & Cruise In-Depth

Save time travelling to Antarctica by flying there in just 2 hours. With an impressive 5-6 full days to explore the wonders of the White Continent, you’ll be accompanied by a highly experienced expedition team and National Geographic certified photographer.…

  • 9 or 10 Days
  • $10,975
Crossing the Antarctic Circle

Spend 6 full days exploring Antarctica with the Polar Circle at 66 degrees south as your most southerly objective, on board one of the most exciting new vessels. A maximum of just 132 passengers, with spacious cabins, state-of-the-art technology and…

  • 13-14 Days
  • $16,195
Active Antarctic Adventure

Ideal for active travellers with an adventurous spirit. The voyage cost includes the chance to kayak past sculptural icebergs and spend a night open-air camping in Antarctica. Dip below the surface with a unique snorkelling activity and snowshoe past waddling…

  • 15 Days
  • $16,995
Multi-activity Antarctic Peninsula

With complimentary kayaking, camping and snowshoeing included, this trip will appeal to adventurous travellers keen to take in the best of the Antarctic Peninsula. A comfortable ship, high calibre guiding and great value for money to…

  • 13 Days
  • $8,995
Fly & Sail Antarctica in Style

If you’re undecided between sailing or flying to Antarctica, why not choose both with this combination trip? A two hour flight south provides fast access to the White Continent, then after four incredible days of exploring, you’ll sail back across…

  • 10 Days
  • $16,195
Sail & Fly Antarctica in Style

By sailing south across the Drake Passage then flying north in just two hours, this itinerary blends the adventure of arriving in Antarctica by ship with the speed of a quick exit. The risk of weather-related flight delays is removed…

  • 10 Days
  • $16,795
Express South Georgia & Antarctica Wildlife Safari

The most time-efficient trip for combining the top highlights of the Southern Ocean: the dramatic Antarctic Peninsula and the wildlife mecca of South Georgia. Travelling on a comfortable, ice-strengthened expedition ship you'll experience everything from king penguin rookeries to vast…

  • 18 Days
  • $25,295