Neumayer Channel

The Neumayer Channel is a well-travelled route by most Antarctic cruises, running 16 miles long between Anvers Island and Wiencke and Doumer Islands. As it is a rather narrow waterway, it can be found entirely blocked off by giant icebergs and glaciers during the more icy months of the Antarctic winter.

Originally named the Roosen Channel by Eduard Dallman on his 1873-4 Antarctic expedition, it was also named for Georg von Neumayer by Adrien the Gerlache on his famous 1897-9 expedition, and the latter has stuck as the general name.

Together with the Lemaire Channel, the Neumayer Channel is known for its stunning views, entrancing many Antarctic visitors as they are surrounded by towering natural ice sculptures and tabular icebergs. Playful penguins and seals are also a major attraction, and there is even often the opportunity for whale-spotting in inflatable zodiac boats.

Map of Neumayer Channel

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