Union Glacier Camp

The main camp for those venturing into Antarctica's interior, serving the Weddell Sea coastline, Mt Vinson, and the South Pole.

Map of Union Glacier Camp

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Trips that visit Union Glacier Camp

Flexibility is the key to success in Antarctica. All voyage routes take advantage of the ever-changing opportunities provided by nature, crafting a unique and extraordinary experience each time.

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Fly to the South Pole

The history, the exclusivity, and the isolation. Join the small handful of adventurers to have checked off the mythical South Pole. Traversing Antarctica in hours by plane with magnificent views, you'll spend 4 whole days camping at the heart of…

  • 6-7 Days
  • $51,250
Camp with Emperor Penguins

A truly unique opportunity to immerse yourself in an Emperor penguin rookery. Flying into the Interior, you'll enjoy 3 whole days with the penguins, camping close-by on the Weddell Sea…

  • 9 Days
  • $52,300
Climb Mount Vinson

Looking to climb the highest peak of the Great White Continent? Over 12 days, this expertly guided trip will help you complete your 7 Summits challenge, beginning and ending with flights between Chile and Antarctica and everything taken care of…

  • 12 Days
  • $44,495
Skydiving over Antarctica

Forget the cliches, this is a genuine once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: freefall into the majesty of the seventh continent. The ultimate destination for experienced skydivers, Antarctica’s pristine wilderness – with the outstanding support of a team of specialists and experts – is…

  • 7 Days
  • $28,775