Danco Island

Danco Island lies at the southern end of the Errera Channel, close to Neko Harbour, one of just two spots where it's possible to make a continental landing as part of an Antarctic cruise.

Danco is a relatively small island at just 1 mile long but the view from the top of Danco is spectacular due to the heavily cravassed glaciers in the surrounding mountains. This section of the Errera Channel is a hotspot for Minke and Humpback whales which can often be heard from the shore.

Danco Island is home to approximately 1,600 breeding pairs of gentoo penguins which breed quite high up on the slopes. Danco Island was also home to the British Antarctic Survey’s Station O. Fieldwork conducted from this hut focused on geological research and surveying the region. The hut was closed in 1959 when work was completed and was removed in 2004, though a plaque indicating its location can still be found on shore.

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