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Kristen Hilt's Trip:

Express Tour of Antarctica

Kristen Hilt's Trip Date:

20th Feb - 27th Feb 2019

Kristen Hilt's Ship:

Hebridean Sky

Overall, how was your trip?

I don't know how to summarize what was the most magical adventure that I have ever experienced. The Hebridean Sky was a gem of a ship, and I felt like royalty. The service on the ship, the extensive knowledge of the crew, expedition leaders and scientists were were superb. We were incredibly blessed with 2 full days of glorious sunshine and unprecedented weather conditions which allowed us more landings than most of the cruises usually get to do. The landscapes and wildlife were spectacular. I met new lifelong friends that I will travel with again in the future. Favorite moment- Finding a chunk of 30,000 year old "Black Ice" and getting to taste it, and later on, it was the ice used in our cocktails!

In one sentence, what did you think of Antarctica? Did it live up to your expectations?

Antarctica did not disappoint and it exceeded my expectations!!

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How was the service that Swoop provided?

The service from SWOOP was unparalleled. They were extremely informative and guided me throughout the whole process of booking and preparing. I did not have to worry about forgetting anything. The website made it very easy to plan and prepare. I was very pleased with Liz, my account specialist, and John in the beginning who recommended the Hebridean Sky over the Ocean Nova, and I was SO glad he did!! I don't think anything else could have been done by SWOOP to make my experience any better.

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