John Shreeve

United Kingdom



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John Shreeve's Trip Date:

27th Nov - 16th Dec 2016

John Shreeve's Ship:

Ocean Nova

Overall, how was your trip?

Great experience, not one particular highlight, just the whole experience! Landscape stunning, difficult to describe its uniqueness. Lots of penguins, seals. Limited whales which was a little disappointing but thats wildlife...... Crew and expedition staff were friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Unfortunately on board ship there was a rude and disrespectful Chinese party.

In one sentence, what did you think of Antarctica? Did it live up to your expectations?

Amazing, pristine landscape.

Would you visit again?


How was the service that Swoop provided?

Disappointed that an error was made re our flight to Punta Arenas that we spotted! Otherwise good service. Fly cruise worked very well and was a great option. Ship was very comfortable, food excellent with a variety of menus including a barbecue on deck. On board organisation was very efficient. Disappointing that the kayaking could not be booked for a day. Snowshoeing was very enjoyable.

How likely is it that you would recommend Swoop to a friend?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

9 out of 10

How were your experiences on the zodiac excursions and shore landings?

All excursions were well organised and conducted safely. We enjoyed them all, especially the snowshoeing treks which give you a different perspective. Expedition staff excellent. Amazing variety of iceberg colours and shapes.

If Swoop arranged some of your travel before/after your voyage. How did we do?

Other than previously mentioned flight issue, everything was good. Check in issue in Santiago, soon resolved.

​How would you describe {vessel.title} if talking to somebody potentially interested in going to Antarctica, and what tips would you pass​ on?

Small, friendly and comfortable ship with excellent food and wine. Suggestions - kayaking for a day? - ensure a good mix of nationalities Met all of our expectations.

Do you have any tips or advice for other people planning a trip to Antarctica?

Fly cruise, snow shoeing and polar plunge......

What were your highlights?

Highlights Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf, beach walks, Iguazu trails, Tango show in BA. All three hotels were excellent. Disappointing that breakfast was not booked for Rio hotel. All guides very good and efficient including drivers.

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