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4th Mar - 17th Mar 2022

What was your most memorable moment?

Meeting Swoop’s Michael Battley! Michael was such a lifesaver when it came to getting me and my sister to even come on this trip after struggles with the Chilean mobility pass. He stayed with us on the phone every step of the way and I could not be more grateful. Beyond traveling mishaps, Michael turned out to be a great friend as well! He was one of the best parts of this trip.

Which of the following best describes your adventure?

Life changing

On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely is it that you would recommend Swoop to a friend or colleague?

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10 out of 10

On a scale of 0 to 10, how would you rate your trip: Antarctic Fly & Sail Combination?

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10 out of 10

Tell us about the wildlife

On our VERY FIRST DAY we had an encounter with both a leopard seal and Emperor penguin. I don’t know how we got so lucky, but it really set the tone for the trip. I still want to cry when I think about the pristine beauty of every stop.

Tell us about Zodiac excursions

John, the marine biologist on board, was one of my favorite staff members. He won be over the first time he drove our Zodiak to the boat. He really knew how to make you feel at home. John is also incredibly smart and taught us a great deal about the places we visited.

Tell us about the expedition team

We got SO lucky with our expedition team! The team consisted of the coolest, most down to earth people despite their incredible life achievements. They were all so kind and fascinating. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Ashley, hearing Steve’s history lectures, and sitting in on every lecture given by Daniel (what a great orator!). I could not speak more highly of this team!

Tell us about the Greg Mortimer

Yes, I’d choose this ship again in a heart beat. Every single person on this ship made our experience life changing. Jonah was such a queen of a lady who took care of all our dining needs, Miguel treated us like royalty and I SO enjoyed his company (what a kind and fun man!!), and the rest of the staff all were super friendly. Literally everyone remembered all our names and made us feel incredibly special. Our cabin was super cozy and I thank Florentino (I hope I’m spelling his name correctly) for that! What a funny and kind man! Thank you for all the extra chocolates and hilarious pranks lol.

Do you have any tips or advice for other people planning a trip to Antarctica?

Make sure you bring a ton of extra inner layers. I was so thankful I brought extra inner layer gloves and wool hats. Sky goggles are also the best move. If you’re in the kayaking group, bring non-chafing deodorant for your hands. You’ll thank me later!

Has your experience changed your perspective in any way?

I have a newfound appreciation for nature and how connected we are as humans. We’re not quite as separated as we pretend to be. We need to preserve this planet! It’s our only home and we’re not the only ones who live here.

Was there anything else Swoop could have done for you to help you prepare for your trip?

It would’ve been very helpful to have a more thorough step-by-step guide for how to fill out the Chilean mobility pass forms. They were confusing and the reason my twin couldn’t join our trip. Moreover, please check in more with us closer to the trip with a clear checklist of what to pack, which forms to check in on, any blogs for advice on how to prepare, etc. That would’ve been the most helpful.

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