Museo del Fin del Mundo

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Flexibility is the key to success in Antarctica. All voyage routes take advantage of the ever-changing opportunities provided by nature, crafting a unique and extraordinary experience each time.

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Cultural Experiences of Tierra del Fuego

This interesting 2-day program introduces you to the landscapes, culinary highlights and fascinating people of Tierra del Fuego. Take in the famous national park, and then accompany artisan fishermen on their daily catch. Delighting in this gourmet experience with your…

  • 2 Days
  • $295
Active Adventures on Tierra del Fuego

Crafted for our active travellers who want to experience Tierra del Fuego from all angles: on foot, by canoe, aboard a motorboat and via all-terrain vehicle. Spend the maximum time outdoors to get you primed for your trip of a…

  • 2 Days
  • $395