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We are committed to keeping you up to date with the most important updates from Argentina. We are in touch daily with our partners and contacts on the ground, and are monitoring official government websites and the local news. Your Customer Experience Coordinator will keep you informed of significant changes, and we will update this guide accordingly.

What’s happening?

From 1st November 2021, Argentina will open its borders to fully vaccinated international travellers. This is a significantly positive step towards the resumption of unrestricted international tourism in Argentina and indeed Antarctica, and one that we are hugely reassured by.

What do I need to do?

From November 1st 2021, international travellers who are not Argentinian nationals will be able to enter Argentina without the need to quarantine if they adhere to the entry requirements.

1. Vaccination

All international travellers entering Argentina must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and have received their final vaccination no later than 14 days prior to arrival.

All adult tourists must be fully vaccinated to enter Argentina. Only non-vaccinated minors will be allowed to enter but they must quarantine for 5 days after arrival and be accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult.

2. Testing

All international travellers must:

  1. Complete a PCR test result and receive a negative result no earlier than 72 hours before arrival
  2. Complete a PCR test, and receive a negative result, on days 5 and 7 after entering the country

Travelling through Argentina FAQs

  • What happens if I’m in Antarctica when I need to take my day 5 and day 7 PCR test?

    We are working with our partners and contacts to establish what you will need to do, if anything. Once we have more information we will share it here.

  • Do children need to be fully vaccinated in order to enter?

    According to the information released to date, international travellers – regardless of age – must be fully vaccinated, or they will need to quarantine on arrival for 7 days.

    Children under the age of 2 years old will not need to provide evidence of a negative PCR test on arrival.

    As soon as we have more information we will share it here.

  • What can I expect at the airport?

    Whether you've just landed or you're about to depart, your experience at the airport – checking in, going through customs and immigration, and using the airport services such as eating at a cafe or getting a taxi – might be slightly different from usual.

    • It may take longer after landing to go through immigration and customs due to the testing requirements
    • You may have to wait a little longer to check in for a flight
    • Your temperature might be required to be taken on arrival
    • There may be measures in place to stagger travellers through the airport
    • Argentina is under nationwide restrictive measures, so airport shops, cafes and restaurants currently shut at 8pm
    • Face masks must be worn in all public spaces (indoors or outdoors)

    These are a few examples that our partners on the ground have shared with us regarding the current situation. We will continue to share the latest information about both the international and domestic airports and make recommendations, so that you have a seamless experience when you land in Buenos Aires.

  • Will Argentina be using a track and trace system for tourists?

    We expect Argentina to implement a mobile track and trace app for visitors and will update this guide when that information is officially confirmed.

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Travel insurance is an essential part of any Polar adventure. All Antarctic ship operators require travellers to have Emergency Repatriation Cover in place for a minimum of $100,000. Please check with your insurance provider to ensure that you have the appropriate cover in place.


Information provided by Swoop is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time only, but in this fast-changing environment we cannot be held responsible for changes not immediately reflected on this website or in information shared with you. Customers should undertake their own research appropriate to their individual circumstances before making final decisions.

Where links to government, operators or other third-party sites are provided, again this information is accurate and up-to-date to the best of our knowledge, but we cannot be held responsible for third-party content.


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