Swoop Antarctica’s Deals of the Week 03 Nov 2014

Discounts on voyages to Antarctica are few and far between and often require a degree of flexibility.   If you enjoy this luxury, you could save $1,000s on your voyage through Swoop Antarctica.  Below are three of the best last-minute deals negotiated by Swoop this week for our customers.  For info on all of our Antarctica deals, get in touch:

25th Nov ’14  |  Save up to 32%
Emperors of the Weddell Sea

The Emperor Penguins of the Weddell Sea
The Emperor Penguins of the Weddell Sea

South of Snow Hill Island lies an Emperor Penguin rookery …and with the aid of the ship’s helicopter, you’ll be just a 45 minute walk from this fascinating and once-in-a lifetime experience. Three days will be reserved on the voyage for getting the vessel as close as possible for these ship-to-shore helicopter excursions.

On top of the uniqueness of this itinerary, you could save US$ 1,000s on a variety of cabins from twin portholes to superiors.  Plus, if travelling solo, there is no single supplement (effectively a 40% discount!).

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26th Nov ’14  |  Up to US$ 1,500 off
Antarctica Explorer

Explore every nook and cranny of Antarctica with zodiac excursions!
Explore every nook and cranny of Antarctica with zodiac excursions!

This expedition offers the perfect chance to discover the best of the Antarctic Peninsula, the last continent’s most northern region. You’ll be delighted by penguins, seals and whales as they accompany you on your journey along the Antarctic coastline. Landing on the continent itself is a memorable highlight, where you’ll explore the iconic sights that make this one of the world’s most pristine, exotic and unforgettable natural environments.

Save $1,500 on premium cabins and $1,000 on non-premium cabins and become one of the few to have experienced over-night camping on the Great White Continent itself or kayaking amid the icebergs. Offer applies to voyages setting sail on 26th November, 5th and 6th December 2014 and 4th February 2015.

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1st Dec ’14  |  Superior Cabins for Twin Window Rate
Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Adventure

Disagreeing Fur Seals
Disagreeing Fur Seals

Few voyages Visiting the Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica, this voyage treats you to all three unique wildlife havens with the chance to spot all kinds of seals, penguins and great sea birds that patrol the waters of Antarctica and the South Atlantic.

And now you can enjoy these experiences whilst retreating each evening to the comfort of a superior cabin for the price of a twin window cabin, saving over US$ 1,800.

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None of the above fit your plans?  Get in touch – we work with all 13 vessels that sail to Antarctica and we’re updated by our colleagues who operate them each week about their latest deals and discounts.  We can find you a great Antarctic deal in:

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